Roger Dubuis Pulsion Mission Online Game, S.I.H.H. Big Exhibition Tickets Passed Smoothly

The year is approaching. In order to stir up the atmosphere of the New Year, Roger Dubuis promoted the new ‘Pulsion’ series of watches developed in 2012 inspired by the ‘Venturer’ adventurer. It is officially on the website http: // ( launched the ‘Pulsion Mission’ breakthrough event, as long as you successfully pass the level and participate in the lottery, you will have the opportunity to get 2 tickets to the 2013 ‘SIHH’ exhibition.
      Roger Dubuis’s creative talent is not only reflected in watchmaking and advertising, but also in the new website. It can be said that it is a real world business card. Led by Roger Dubuis’s creative electronics team, the French Ultranoir studio has put all its skills into perfection, a project that is essential for brand promotion. The Ultranoir electronics studio, which was named the Agency of the Year 2011 by the famous website, successfully completed the challenge given by Roger Dubuis. Full-screen websites with immersive display and animations make it impossible to dive into Roger Dubuis’s fantasy world. Among the many well-known awards, it is particularly worth mentioning that the website was named ‘Today’s Website’ by on June 30, and was awarded the same honor by FWA on July 24. ‘I am very proud of the website design work of the Roger Dubuis team. The website has won many awards so far,’ said Jean-Marc Pontroue, CEO of Roger Dubuis. , Perfect interpretation of our new way of communication, and highlight our four series and their wonderful and wonderful world. From the perspective of marketing strategy, the website is our world business card, allowing us to strengthen or build a relationship with customers contact.’
      Roger Dubuis’ new website continues to highlight four iconic themes of Warriors, Peerless, Players and Adventurers. The website is interactive, letting you know everything through the four themed doors to the center of Roger Dubuis. Tap the screen and play the animation to enter the world of Warrior: the ancient torches in the cave illuminate the Excalibur series. Opening Diva’s door, a mysterious underground world is displayed in front of him. This is where Velvet hides. The world of Player takes you into a room with a thick red carpet-this is the territory of the La Monegasque collection. Venturer’s world guards are in place to ensure the safety of the Pulsion series.
      In order to allow players around the world to have the opportunity to experience the website and actual experience at the same time, Roger Dubuis has launched a virtual and real marketing plan. As long as you go online at to enter the world of Pulsion, it is successfully completed Pulsion Mission and participate in the raffle, you will have the opportunity to get two SIHH tickets (while stocks last) for a ‘time’ tour of a delightful Swiss top watch exhibition.

Solemn And Mysterious Radar Booth Style At Baselworld 2016

The 2016 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair is about to officially kick off. A fascinating visual feast is waiting for us to experience. Before going on an in-depth visit, let’s take a look at the exhibition halls of each brand. The following is the radar pavilion:

 The radar booth still continues the basic style of last year. The solemn black mystery is full of scientific and technological sense, and the eye-catching ‘RADO’ has become the most attractive logo. On both sides of the reception desk, the promotional film of the radar meter is displayed on the LCD screen. People in it fully feel the charm of the radar watch, please follow the watch group in front of the watch group together to appreciate the unique style of radar.

Summary: Baselworld 2016 will present us with a beautiful and unique visual feast. We look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

The Perfect Beach Volleyball Companion Swatch Releases The Touch Series Zero One

On September 21, 2015, the Swatch watch brand held a new series of Zero One touch-up conferences at Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Court. The guests and the media witnessed this moment together. The brand also invited Swiss and Chinese well-known volleyball players to wear a new Zero One watch for a fierce friendly match and test the watch’s excellent functions in the field.

 Swatch is always active in the sports field. Beach volleyball is also one of the sports that it is very concerned about, and the new Swatch touch series Zero
One is for beach volleyball. Before the press conference, the staff explained the new functions of the watch to the media and guests at the scene, and they could try it on and experience the magical charm of this new smart watch.

 Swatch Touch Series Zero
One combines five new functions, namely batting, high-five, step counting, virtual coaching and timing. It is very creative and full of life. At the same time, the watch also integrates all the existing functions of the touch series, including curved touch screen, built-in Backlight, finger touch, and sliding navigation on both sides, and ultra-stylish Swatch design for beach.

 Regardless of the small and exquisite watch, the performance can not be underestimated. Swatch invited Swiss players Joana Heidrich, Nadine Zumkehr and Chinese beach volleyball players Tian Jia and Guo Chen to test the use of this touch series Zero One on the spot. When players wear Zero
When the One watch participates in the game, the built-in sensor records the number of shots and the strength of each shot, and displays it on the watch screen. When the game is over, you can get information by touching the series Zero One’s mobile app, including calorie consumption, average hit strength, and data analysis of various shots. Players said that this watch is very useful for normal training. .

 At the same time, the staff also distributed a Zero One watch to each of the media friends in the audience. It can record the number of times and average strength of each person’s applause when the athletes applauded, and expressed by the numbers in 01-99. Finally, you can see the overall data analysis in the mobile application.

 In addition to the above functions, this touch series Zero One can also count steps, calculate calorie consumption, measure distance traveled and activity time; also has a very interesting virtual coach function, which will provide incentives and rewards when the wearer After completing the daily progress goal, the virtual coach will reward the ice cream: the closer to the goal, the larger the ice cream!
 All of the above functions are displayed with the help of Swatch’s touch series Zero One mobile application, which can be downloaded for free. Works on Android (Bluetooth® —4.0LE version, Android 4.4 or higher) and Apple iOS (iPhone 5 or higher to run the latest software).
Summary: Swatch’s new Zero One watch embodies the innovative spirit of modern watchmaking, perfectly integrating intelligent technology with timepieces, and filling the darling in the sports field!