A.Lange & Söhne Lange Datograph Climbs Complex Peaks

Looking back at 2015, Lange A. LANGE & SÖHNE celebrated the brand founder Ferdinando with the world’s first decimal minute repeater. Adolf. The 200th anniversary of Lange’s birth. In 2016, the brand continued to launch a Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, which integrates three complex functions of chronograph, perpetual calendar and tourbillon, pushing the development of the series’ functions to another peak in history.

The design inspiration of Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is inspired by Datograph Up / Down and Datograph Perpetual published by SIHH in 2015. Although the two limelights were temporarily covered by the Zeitwerk Minute Repeater of the year, the exclusive Datograph Up / Down chronograph and perpetual calendar Function, showing a practical and reliable sense of solidity, became a dark horse in the hearts of many watch fans in 2015. In 2016, the brand further promoted these two complex functions, combined with a sophisticated tourbillon device, launched the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon, which was sold in a limited number of one hundred. It is believed that it will meet the demanding appearance and strength fans.

Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon’s remarkable features can be previewed from three parts of its name. As its name implies, ‘Datograph’ stands for chronograph with column wheel, precise jumping points, flyback function and classic Lange date display. This watch inherits the concept of Lange’s famous Datograph Up / Down function, and successfully dismantles the problem of accurate short timing. ‘Up / Down’ is a standard term of Lange. It is related to the power reserve indication. When the watch is full, ‘Up’ can provide up to 50 hours of power reserve, and the label will tend to ‘AUF’. ‘Down’ when the power is exhausted, it will lean towards ‘AB’. The entire function is complete and intimate, ensuring that the watch retains sufficient power at all times to drive precision components. In addition, the column wheel device can effectively control various timing functions, the jumping integral plate clearly displays the cumulative timing, and the flyback function can measure continuous periods in an instant. Three important innovative technologies are integrated to drive accurate timing.

As for the second word ‘Perpetual’ in the table name, it refers to the perpetual calendar with moon phase display. The Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon perpetual calendar includes Lange’s classic large date and small dial with the day, month, and leap year displays, all jumping in a jump mode, providing accurate reading at any time, and convenient and easy to read. The Lange perpetual calendar has always been accurate and reliable. This watch does not need to be corrected for one day until March 1st of the next century (2100). In terms of moon phase display, it is accurate that the actual position of the moon differs by only one day every 122.6 years. The watch’s three correctors also implement practical principles, which can independently adjust the moon phase and week display, and simultaneously advance the month and leap year display. Assuming that the watch is stopped for several days, the wearer can still quickly adjust it by the pusher located at 10 o’clock and update all the displays at the same time.

As for ‘Toubillon’, the inverse watch, through the sapphire crystal case back and the hollow tourbillon bridge, shows the delicate tourbillon device of Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon. This time A. LANGE & SÖHNE’s reform of the tourbillon was also a smash hit. The traditional Lange Tourbillon balance has a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, although higher vibration frequencies can theoretically improve the accuracy of travel time. However, in the actual operation of mechanical watches, generally speaking, as the tourbillon vibrates more frequently and the balance swings faster, it is easy to lose control when it is unstable, and the friction loss is faster, so that precision cannot be maintained for a long time. It may end up detracting from overall accuracy. After some precise calculations, the brand weighed its weight. In this annual masterpiece, for the first time, the tourbillon balance was changed to 18,000 vibrations per hour (2.5 Hz), reducing the wear on the movement components, and the stop time display was also So accurate to one-fifth of a second, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone. When the crown is pulled up, the patented stop-second device can instantly stop the balance wheel in the tourbillon frame, ensuring that the time of the watch is accurate to the second.

To reconcile the three major functions and converge on a small L952.2 automatic winding movement, it is naturally a big challenge. L952.2 consists of 729 parts, which are carefully modified and assembled by hand. The splint and bridge are made of untreated German watches, while the middle wheel plywood and tourbillon lever are carved by hand, which is delicate and moist The exquisite workmanship is revealed from the transparent bottom cover, revealing the highly demanding and self-confident of Lange’s senior watchmakers, while interpreting the brand’s low-key luxury art style, which is dizzying.
Although Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is commanded by functions, Lange, who has always been unscrupulous in watch design and workmanship, naturally hopes that this 2016 masterpiece will be perfect. This time the watch is dominated by black tones, the face plate is made of black solid silver, and the 41.5mm platinum 950 case is meticulous in workmanship, which will show the style, while also containing the sporty atmosphere of the chronograph. The faceplate layout also maintains the German classic and simple style. The two time dials are combined with the date and week display to form a ‘binocular’ design, which is clear and clear. At 12 o’clock on the faceplate, the soul of the Lange watch is equipped with a large date display, while at 6 o’clock, it is equipped with moon phase and day and night display devices. When the night is low, dark blue moon phases are emerging, quietly Cool black smeared a bit of blue, proclaiming the style of its masters in the orthodox German watch industry.

Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon
Platinum 950 material / L952.2 manual winding movement / hour, minute, small second, big date, day of the week, month, leap year display / stop-second tourbillon device / jump-minute flyback chronograph function / lunar phase display / Day and night display / Sapphire crystal, transparent back cover / diameter 41.5mm / limited to 100 pieces only

Extremely Simple And Beautiful Watch Mido Belem Celli Classic Elegant Watch Tasting

The Mido brand emphasizes the combination of timeless design and practical functions to make the most architecturally chic watches. When it comes to Mido, it is necessary to mention the Belemcelli series under its brand. This series is its flagship brand and the most popular series in the Chinese market. Today, Xiao Bian specially selected a classic simple watch from the Belem Sairee series to share with everyone.
 Mido Berencelli Jubilee M8690.4.18.1

 This watch continues the style of large diameter. The 42mm stainless steel case is medium in size, which is very suitable for the wrist size of Asian men. The pure and classic black dial, with the vibrant Arabic numerals, the big three-handed, the exquisite calendar window, presents a calm atmosphere, delicate and elegant style.

 The watch is equipped with a movement ETA2836-2, which has been approved by the Swiss Observatory. With a unique transparent case design, the beat of the mechanical movement is clear at a glance. The thickness of the watch is 10mm. Although it is not an ultra-thin watch, it is also very light to wear. A five-section steel chain strap with classic butterfly buckle adds elegance to the watch.

 Summary: This Mido Berencelli model is also architecturally beautiful. Its design is inspired by the circular architectural features of the Rennes Opera House. Its subtle curves and contours are integrated into the watch design, resulting in an extremely simple shape. , Reproduce the simple and solemn appearance of neoclassicalism. Therefore, its men’s taste is quite sufficient. Classical elegance, coupled with streamlined design, make this watch can be used in various occasions in life.
 Watch details reference: mido / 8534 /

Blancpain Blancpain Selection Women’s Watch Gifts 2014 Beauty Day

Glamour women are not only fascinating because of their many faces, but also have an independent and capable modern spirit and rich and unique cultural taste. A suitable watch is the best accessory to reflect fashion and show the air.

Bold art work-Blancpain ultra-thin series painted watch

 ‘The founder of classic timepieces’, Blancpain offers a true women’s mechanical watch. Since 1930, Blancpain women’s watches have been adhering to a completely independent design concept, with equally wonderfully decorated movements and extremely sophisticated practicality, with accurate time display functions and exquisite appearance. Each Blancpain ladies’ watch is like a piece of art that records time, highlighting its precious value.

 For every woman who loves Blancpain watches, it is not only a chronograph with a mechanical soul on the wrist, but also hand jewelry or decorations with unique clothing styles. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Blancpain Select six ladies watches with different styles and exquisite craftsmanship to present this exclusive woman’s festival.

 Romantic and gentle work-Blancpain eccentric date retrograde women’s watch

Product Number 3653-1954L-58B

2650RL movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 5.37 mm

65 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 10.75 mm

White gold case

Case diameter 36.00 mm

Water-resistant to 30 meters

Sapphire crystal and transparent case back

Diamonds on the dial total 0.021 carats, and diamonds on the case total 2.00 carats

 Blancpain transfigures a woman’s passion for romance into timepieces. This watch has a red or white gold case, the bezel is set with 40 gorgeous diamonds, and the dial is perfectly made of four different mother-of-pearls, with moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display. The tip of the blue snake-shaped date retrograde hand is embellished with a bright star emblem, shining against the dial of the sky background decorated with diamonds. On the blue sky of the moon phase display, the bright moon face echoes with the gems and stars, rendering poetic and artistic expressions, and perfectly integrating romantic feelings and watchmaking creativity.

 Confident and Independent Work-Bather’s New Deep Submersible Bathyscaphe

Part number 5100-1127-NAW A

1150 movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 3.37 mm

100 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 10.77 mm

Double barrel and silicon spring without card

Frosted stainless steel case

Case diameter 38 mm

Water-resistant to 300 meters

Sapphire crystal case back

Third Ring NATO Military Strap

 Women never lack the passion for exploration and independent self-confidence than men. The recently launched Blancpain submersible white female model reflects Blancpain’s continuous attention to the development of women’s diving watches, and it is another great tribute to the tenacity of women. In addition to the use of silicon hairsprings and liquid metal scales, the white ceramic bezel, case and strap specially designed for women have a pure and gentle temperament, demonstrating the rigidity and softness of modern women.

 Bold art work-Blancpain ultra-thin series painted watch

Pink Product No. 0062-1954G-52

Green product number 0062-1954F-52

615 movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 3.90 mm

40 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 8.70 mm

18K White Gold Diamond Case

Case diameter 21.50 mm

Water-resistant to 30 meters

Sapphire case back

Total diamond weight on the dial is 0.03 carats, total diamond weight on the case is 0.58 carats

Silk strap

 Blancpain’s ultra-thin series of painted watches has an extremely bold and avant-garde design, suitable for energetic, art-loving women. The combination of mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, diamond bezel and soft silk strap makes it look natural. The hand-painted flowers and the vivid petals of ruby ​​make the dial very three-dimensional, and the size of the dewdrops decorated with diamonds makes the spring scene more vivid. In addition to daily wear, it also adds a lot of color to occasions that need to wear evening dresses, allowing you to exude a strong artistic atmosphere all the time.

 A classic example of elegance-Blancpain women’s watch

Part number 3253-6044-55B

6753 movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 4.90 mm

100 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 11.25 mm

Case diameter 34 mm

Water-resistant to 50 meters

Sapphire case back

0.82 carats total diamonds on case

 Combining a diamond and smooth and simple lines with a satin or snakeskin strap, the Blancpain Orchid Women’s Watch exudes an exquisite atmosphere. Women’s pursuit of elegant elegance is on the horizon. The dial with date display is made of mother-of-pearl, and the white color makes you feel tender. A glimpse of the full moon’s charm through the mysterious moon phase window, a star-shaped ‘beauty mole’ is even more distinguished and elegant.

 Smart and simple work-Blancpain women’s time and date display watch

Article number 3760-1946A-52B

5L60 movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 3.25 mm

100 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 10.40 mm

Dual time zone display

Date and small second hand display

Day / night display

Champagne dial

White gold diamond case

Case diameter 34 mm

Water-resistant to 100 meters

Sapphire case back

Silk satin strap

 Ms. Blancpain’s time zone collection reveals a pure and capable female world. The sapphire crystal caseback showcases the movement’s internal structure, which follows the noble tradition of Blancpain Haute Horlogerie, which is handmade and advocating the beauty of the movement. The streamlined Roman numerals are evenly distributed around the dial’s edge in the sun-decorated pattern. The oval central minute scale ring and the slender luminous hands add a modern and simple modern style. The excellent functions of the dual time zone display are more convenient for business women who often travel around the globe.

 Noble and beautiful work-Blancpain full diamond ladies watch

Product Number 0081-5554-96AD

615A movement

Automatic winding

Movement thickness 3.90 mm

40 hours power reserve

Watch thickness 8 mm

Water-resistant to 30 meters

Sapphire case back

18K White Gold Bracelet with 72 Diamonds (Approx. 1.82 Carats)

Mother-of-pearl dial set with 48 diamonds (approximately 0.327 carats) and 38 rubies (approximately 0.26 carats)

Case set with 30 rubies (about 0.15 carats) and 467 diamonds (about 1.711 carats)

And 1 pink convex round sapphire (about 0.02 carats)

 The Blancpain full-diamond ladies watch perfectly demonstrates how this ‘classic timepiece creator’ skillfully blends superb watchmaking with stunning diamond-setting techniques. More than 600 gorgeous diamonds are set on the mother-of-pearl dial and 18K white gold bracelet. The sapphires and rubies shining in it push the noble temperament to the extreme. This watch is equipped with Blancpain 615A automatic movement and 40-hour power reserve, which is a perfect combination of watch technology and jewelry technology.