Challenge The Altitude And Enjoy The Sky Oris (Oris) Jin Qiuzhen Selects The Big Crown Pilot Altitude Measurement Table

At the time of the golden autumn and the golden autumn of ten silvers, people said goodbye to the dwellings and started to make travel plans and set off on a beautiful road full of surprises. Explorers and pilots challenged the limits and climbed the peak on this clear day. Swiss independent mechanical watch brand Oris (Oris) is choosing the world’s first mechanical altitude measurement meter, the Oris Big Crown Pilot Altitude Measurement, in this pleasant golden autumn, so that the wearer can experience the height change from the square inch of his wrist. , Yun Yun Xiao Xiao. The Oris Big Crown Pilot Altimeter is an excellent interpretation of the brand’s innovative spirit. It also confirms Oris’s brand philosophy: ‘real watches for real people’.

Oris Large Crown Pilot Altimeter is completely developed by Oris and is a high-performance tool for pilots

Practical first-outdoor companions
  Flying through the clouds, feeling the freedom in the wind with a hot air balloon, ascending and climbing along the strange waters of the mountains … are unique autumn outdoor experiences. In addition to the necessary clothing, a wrist-pointing partner who can ‘point the height’ will add a lot of fun to the journey. Oris has independently developed a large crown pilot altitude measurement table, which provides pilots, climbers, explorers, and scientific researchers with a high-performance professional tool, and has created a good outdoor activity partner.

  A major challenge for Oris engineers is the design of the altimeter pointer. To scale a complete altimeter into a table, the pointer must be light enough and stiff to prevent deviations from reading accurately. The use of composite carbon fiber material solves this problem. Its quality is only 1/7 of that of ordinary watch hands, but its hardness is 10 times that of them. Another challenge solved by the altimeter is how to ensure that the watch’s internal operation is protected from moisture when the altimeter works. Oris uses a PTFE (Teflon) material to make a moisture-proof film to prevent moisture from entering the watch. The resolution of the above two challenges resulted in two patents for Oris.

  The Oris Large Crown Pilot Altimeter has two crowns. At 2 o’clock is the regular crown for adjusting the date and time and winding. The screwed crown at 4 o’clock is used to operate the altimeter. When the crown is tightened to the ‘0 position’, the altimeter does not work, and the watch is waterproof to 100 meters. When the crown is loosened to the ‘1 position’, the red ring is exposed and the altimeter device starts to operate. When the crown is pulled out to ‘2nd position’, the altimeter can take readings. After the setting is completed, the yellow indicator in the table will show the current altitude, and the red indicator will show the corresponding air pressure. The height scale is located on the outermost circle of the dial, and the highest measurement height is 15000 feet / 4500 meters. The air pressure scale is embedded between the altitude scale and the normal time dial scale. Once the altimeter function is used, the crown needs to be fastened to the ‘0 position’ as soon as possible, and the case must be re-locked to ensure that the watch is 100 meters waterproof again.

Unscrew the crown to the position of 1. The red ring will be exposed, indicating that the altimeter is working. Once set, the yellow indicator will show the current height, and the red indicator will show the corresponding air pressure.

Oris Large Crown Pilot Altimeter has two crowns, a crown at 2 o’clock to adjust the time and date, and a crown at 4 o’clock to operate the altimeter
More than exploration-the spirit of explorer who is not afraid of challenges

  The birth of the Oris Big Crown Pilot Altimeter is a tribute to the aviation industry and the adventurous spirit of climbing the peak. Tracing back the history of aviation industry, the aviation industry has been booming for 40 years since the beginning of the 20th century, which has profoundly changed people’s existing perceptions of the world and spacetime. At the time, flying symbolized a journey to an unknown world full of infinite possibilities. The extremely fast flight is exciting. Flying to the sky is also the realization of the myth of human dreams.

The birth of the Oris Big Crown Pilot’s Altitude Gauge has shaped a partner on the great road of exploration, and at the same time engraved and cast the brand concept that Oris adheres to

  Aviation watches have always been a proud collection of Oris. Since the birth of the first Oris flight watch in 1938, Oris has been committed to producing accurate, reliable and cost-effective flight watches. Today, the spirit of climbing the peak and exploring the unknown territory is still commendable. This curiosity and perseverance in exploration are also the driving forces that have always led Oris to flourish. The birth of the Oris Big Crown Pilot Altitude Gauge has created a partner on the great road of adventure of the explorer. It will silently record the heights of the mountains and rivers conquered on the road of adventure, and at the same time, it will engrav and cast Oris’s persistent practice Brand Concept.
product features
Oris Large Crown Pilot Altimeter

Product Code: 733 7705 4134 TS, Watch Diameter: Ø 47.00mm, Foot Scale

Product code: 733 7705 4164 TS, Watch diameter: Ø 47.00mm, meter scale
· Oris fully automatic 733 movement, basic movement SW200, three o’clock position calendar window
Complete Swiss mechanical barometer and barometer movement
· Multi-piece stainless steel case, waterproof 100 meters
· Double-sided arched sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides
· Tighten the back cover of the watch
Tighten the stainless steel crown, patented Oris altimeter adjustment and exhaust crown, including PTFE (Teflon) moisture-proof membrane
· Black dial, Arabic numerals embedded fluorescent material, fluorescent hour and minute hands
Altimeter pointer made of composite carbon fiber material
· Fabric strap with stainless steel folding buckle, leather strap and steel strap are also available
· Recommended retail price: RMB 24,500 (textile belt) RMB 25,800 (steel belt)