How Much Has Patek Philippe Nautilus Gained In 9 Years?

Nautilus 5711 in steel case is one of Patek Philippe’s hottest watches, with a super-perennial price. In March this year, Patek Philippe officially increased the price of steel shell nautilus 5711 by 20% globally. Now the public price of steel shell 5711A is RMB218,200. Compared with the same level of Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711 is undoubtedly the most expensive of the three luxury sports watches.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A
 As the supply of Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711 is small, the demand is large, and there are more wolves and less meat, the price of Steel Shell 5711 has been rising all the way. Coupled with this year’s official price increase, the actual price of a steel case 5711 has reached more than 300,000. Although the actual price is ‘scary’, this is the market.
 The Patek Philippe Nautilus is very popular in China, and many players say that Nautilus is fried too much. I saw a foreign player (European) a while ago and also very much wanted to buy a steel shell 5711. However, the helpless steel shell 5711 is also very hot in their country. The market is too high. This made me feel that the people of the world are actually the same. I take this to talk about the situation of this foreign brother and the foreign steel case 5711. Our domestic players can feel it and look for ‘psychological balance’.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A
The steel case 5711 is as tight as it is abroad, no different from domestic.

 Anyone familiar with the market knows that the price of Patek Philippe Nautilus has risen all the way in the past two years, but Nautilus also had a relatively low time before. In Europe, when the price of nautilus was low in the early years, it was 22,000 euros, or about 170,000 yuan. This price is similar to the low level of domestic nautilus. After a 20% price increase this year, the price rose to 27,000 euros, which is similar to the current domestic price of 218,200. It can be seen that the situation is the same in China and foreign countries.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A
 This foreign brother likes steel case 5711 very much and wants to buy one. He saved his money so hard that it cost 22,000 Euros, but before he even started, as soon as the official price of Patek Philippe increased this year, his money was not enough, and he needed to spend another 5,000 Euros. He thinks I have spent 22,000 euros, is it still 5,000 euros? He took 27,000 euros to buy a watch and found that he needed to wait in line for 8 years.
 The old man said that in the secondary market in Europe, the price of a used steel shell nautilus 5711 is 40,000 euros, and an unused steel shell nautilus 5711 can reach 50,000 euros. Let’s convert it. The price of 40,000 euros to 50,000 euros is about 300,000 to 400,000 yuan (rounded up). This market is basically the same as the domestic steel shell nautilus 5711. Through the situation of this foreign brother, we can see that the steel shell nautilus is no different in the world, and the people in the world are the same.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A
 Later, after seeing this situation, the old man was desperate and decided not to buy the watch with this money. Finally, he used the money to buy a second-hand 911.
 In view of the Patek Philippe steel case 5711, the market has always been the focus of attention of players in various countries. Some people deliberately made a chart of the market changes of Patek Philippe steel case 5711 from 2009 to 2018. I put the picture up, and you can clearly see the changes in the market price of steel case 5711 over the past 9 years. The chart is in English, and I will briefly introduce it.

The market changes of Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A from 2009 to 2018.
 From the picture we can see that in 2009, the price of Patek Philippe steel case 5711 was about 16,200 Euros (about RMB 130,000 now). This price is the lowest valley of Patek Philippe 5711. Now in 2018, the actual price of Patek Philippe steel case 5711 has reached 45,000 euros (about RMB 350,000), which is the highest peak in history of Patek Philippe steel case 5711. The graph curve shows that from 2012 to 2013, the price of steel case 5711 rose slightly, at 22,000 euros (about 170,000 yuan), and then fell back. In 2015, there was a large increase, reaching 30,000 euros (about 230,000 yuan), and the ups and downs basically remained on this market. In 2017, the price of steel case 5711 broke through 30,000 euros and soared to the current historical high of 45,000 euros (about RMB 350,000).

The Patek Philippe Antique Nautilus 3700 has changed from 2009 to 2018.
 The steel case 5711 is the simplest model of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Driven by the steel case 5711, the steel case 5712 (moon phase storage), 5980 (between gold shell timing), 5990 (two places), various steel cases Nautilus’s prices have risen together. The 5712, 5980, 5990 steel shell nautilus with additional features, the actual price is much higher than 5711. Before, some people called the Patek Philippe steel shell 5960 also called the steel king. Compared with the steel shell nautilus, the 5960A can only be regarded as a ‘little king’, and the steel shell nautilus is the real ‘king’. In addition to these models of steel shell nautilus on sale all the way, the market price of antique steel shell nautilus is also rising. I will put another steel case 3700 (the first generation of Nautilus in history) from 2009 to 2018. You can see that the antique Nautilus 3700 is even more scary. In 2009, the market price of steel shell 3700 was 20,000 euros (about 150,000 yuan), and in 2018 it soared to 70,000 euros (about 550,000 yuan).

From top to bottom, the dynamic reserve moon phase is 5712, the annual calendar is 5726, and the two places are 5990.
 Although these data charts are made by foreign countries, old players can see that the figures abroad are basically consistent with the domestic situation. Now the actual market price of steel case 5711 is 300,000. At this price, we know that tourbillons and perpetual calendars on the secondary market are all in the selection range. There is a budget for buying a steel shell nautilus. Whether to buy a nautilus or other complicated watches is also a tangled issue.