Cartier Tourbillon Hollow Watch

The strotourbillon celestial rotating tourbillon was first created by Cartier in 2010, and since the advent of it, it has caused competitive research in the watchmaking industry. Combined with the magnificent dial, this model has now become one of the most representative complications in Cartier’s fine watchmaking series.

  Birth and evolution of Astrotourbillon

  In 2010, Cartier brought a new concept to the traditional tourbillon structure through the Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon watch. For the first time, the tourbillon is no longer limited to its single functionality, that is, to reduce the effect of gravity to ensure more accurate travel time performance, but also to become a part of the aesthetics of the watch. In fact, unlike the classic tourbillon that only rotates around its own central axis, the Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon is unique in its extended frame, which allows the balance wheel to rotate around the dial once a minute to indicate the second, It works like a planet.

In 2012, Cartier launched a series of innovative research projects around the CartierIDONE concept watch and CartierIDTWO concept watch, aimed at exploring new materials with excellent performance that have never appeared in the field of watchmaking. In the end, Cartier decided to use the carbon crystal material to build the Astrotourbillon astronomical running tourbillon, making it the first Cartier mass-produced movement to benefit from this technological innovation.

  2014: The Mystery of the Astrotourbillon

  Cartier reinterpreted the Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon in the form of sculpture. It is completely exposed and not connected to any other mechanical parts, so that it can be seen more clearly. Its design and production are all reconsidered and follow the strictest rules of proportion, harmony and balance. The aesthetic concept behind this highlights the structure of the movement with a bold and innovative design, making it ‘disappear’ behind Cartier’s iconic Roman numerals XII and VI on the dial, thus leaving a wide range for watchmakers. Space, showing the spectacular beauty of the Astrotourbillon celestial rotating tourbillon, and at the same time making it move more widely.

  Roman numerals XII and VI: Cartier’s iconic design
  The main splint of the 9461MC movement is completely hollowed out, supported only by two Roman numeral hour markers. In this unique architecture, these bridges form a strong movement, define its appearance, and support the entire mechanical structure.

  Astrotourbillon’s volley rotation
  Not only in the mechanical structure, the celestial design also exists in the tourbillon frame. In fact, its extended shape can increase the amplitude of rotation, reminiscent of the trajectory of celestial bodies in space. Combining the innovative evolution of technology with a bold artistic perspective, the Rotondede Cartier Astrotourbillon skeleton tourbillon skeleton watch shows the brand’s ambitions-whether from a technical or aesthetic perspective, it is full of imagination and creativity, A breakthrough in Cartier’s fine watchmaking collection. It achieves a double feat—simplifying the components while giving the movement a sculptural appearance, and at the same time creating a wider operating space for the unique complexity of the Astrotourbillon astronomical tourbillon.

Celestial Tourbillon skeleton watch

Case: 18K white gold case, 47mm diameter
Crown: bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire
Hands: Sword-shaped blue steel hands
Strap: Black alligator strap
Buckle: 18K white gold folding buckle
Case back: sapphire crystal case back
Case thickness: 15.5 mm
Water resistance: 3 bar (~ 30 meters)
Numbered and limited to 100 pieces

Cartier 9461MC workshop refined manual winding mechanical movement
Equipped with Astrotourbillon, the tourbillon frame rotates once a minute
Consists of 233 parts, including 23 ruby ​​bearings

Movement diameter: 16¾ legal minutes, that is, 38 mm
Movement thickness: 8.89 mm
Balance vibration frequency: 21,600 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours

Starting A Bright Watchmaking Career Lange’s New School Year Has Begun

Looking forward, the new watchmaking building will welcome ten female students and eleven male students, who will complete a three-year training course at Lange Watchmaking School.

Class of 2015: The future watchmaker of Lingyun
  On August 26, 2015, Lange’s ultra-modern new watchmaking building was officially opened in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Two days ago, Lange President Wilhelm Schmid welcomed 21 apprentices studying watchmaking or toolmaking. ‘We have always valued the talent of young people,’ Schmid said. ‘Since 1997, the Lange Watch Institute has provided craft and technical training for young people who are interested in the watchmaking industry. Development standards. ‘
  Lange is currently training 61 trainees, 55 of which are apprentices in watchmaking and 6 are apprentices in toolmaking. The ideal working environment of the Lange Academy building provides a good learning space for this ambitious group of professionals. After mastering the theory and practical skills, students can join the industry and have a bright future. Today, more than 120 students have graduated, most of them working in the prestigious Lange watchmaking workshops. One of them has been ranked among the top ten master craftsmen of Saxony last year.

Hublot Launches Two New Limited Edition Watches

After Hublot launched the first fusion limited edition Mykonos watch in 2012 with unprecedented success, in 2013 Hublot launched two new watches, which are also the same The latest magic gold material developed by the brand.

   Speaking of Hublot’s magic gold, it is a new material, which is a gold and ceramic composite precious metal that we jointly developed with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. This unique 18K synthetic gold has unprecedented super wear resistance. Only natural diamonds can leave scratches on it. Mark problem. Due to its extremely complex R & D and production process, there are no plans to apply it to other products for the time being, but this is the beginning. We can integrate this technology and continue to develop more new materials.

 Mykonos is an island in the eastern Cyclades archipelago. Is a Greek. Located between Tinos and Naxos, near Delos. Covering an area of ​​85 square kilometers (33 square miles), it is composed of granite. The earliest inhabitants were Ionians. The islanders repelled the Turkish offensive during the Greek War of Independence. There are many churches and monuments on the island. The soil is barren, water scarce, and less agricultural. The main crops are barley, grapes and figs. Produced manganese ore. Tourism is the main economic activity.

 Hublot’s watch this time can be said to be a symbol of Greece. The 45 mm diameter also has a timing function, and it also offers two choices of materials.

 If you think of what Greece would think of, it must be the blue Aegean Sea. The dial of the watch is exactly the same as the deep blue of the seawater. Meter.