Pokemon On The Field Radar Haoxing Mechanical Watch Tasting

As a watch brand with a wonderful affinity with tennis, Radar has been committed to the development of tennis events for many years. At the Malaysia Tennis Open, which just ended, Radar is the official timer of the game. At the Erste Bank Tennis Championships in Vienna and the Moscow Bank Kremlin Tennis Open, Radar also played as their official official timekeeper. While supporting tennis events, Radar has also continuously launched brand new models. Today, the watch we are going to introduce to you is the Haoxing series inspired by tennis. The official model is 650.0525.3.117.

  The court atmosphere of modern tennis matches is hard courts, grass courts, and clay courts. Radar integrates its elements into the watch according to the different venues, making the miniature of the stadium mapped on the wrist. This watch has three colors of blue, green and orange, of which the dazzling blue model represents the hard field, the flashing green represents the grass field, and the flamboyant orange color represents the clay field.

  The watch case is made of black high-tech ceramics. The high-tech ceramics materials have the advantages of lightness and comfort, non-wearing and hypoallergenic. The hardened stainless steel decoration is inserted on both sides of the watch, which is a very complicated process for the watchmaking process, and it also tests the patience and skill of the watchmaker. The 45mm large table diameter is more masculine and tough, showing the heroic posture on the court. The watch adopts the classic shape of the Haoxing series, and the perfect arc shows the elegant temperament of the watch. The use of ceramic materials is not a new attempt for the radar brand, but has been more complicated on the basis of ceramics. Processing, showing a quite matte effect.

  The dial design of the watch continues the creative design of the Haoxing series. The design of the perfect circular frame on the periphery of the dial is inspired by the mysterious ring pattern surrounding Saturn. The time scale, small seconds, hour display and minute display are all designed in green. It complements the black dial, and the classic three-pin design is easier to read.

  The combination of black and green gives a fresh and comfortable feeling. Green symbolizes the grass field of the tennis court, and the pointer that slowly bounces across the board is like a player struggling on the court. At 12 o’clock is the Radar brand logo, and the words ‘Automatic’ and the anchor-type logo show us that the watch is using a mechanical movement. The circular window between 4 and 5 o’clock is used to display the day. date.

  The crown is located at 3 o’clock on the watch and is made of rubber. The top is marked by the classic Radar brand. On both sides of the crown are the chronograph buttons of the watch, which control the start / stop and reset functions respectively. The shape of the buttons varies with the curvature of the case. The buttons are made of stainless steel.

  The strap of the watch is made of black rubber. After special treatment, the surface shows a textured texture, which makes the strap more comfortable to wear. The left side is decorated with straight lines of the same color as the dial, which is in line with modern aesthetics and also adds dynamic to the watch.

  The watch lugs are also made of ceramic material, the vertical lugs are naturally curved, and they are integrally cast with the case, and are polished finely.

  The watch’s sapphire crystal glass is anti-glare and can be easily read even in strong light. The bottom case of the watch uses a semi-perspective design with a sapphire crystal in the middle. Through the glass we can see a part of the structure of the movement and the delicate polished decoration. The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement with 25 gemstones, which can provide a 38-hour power reserve for the watch.

 Andy Murray, as a global brand spokesperson for Radar, gallops in major international tennis tournaments and is on the highest podium. Whether he dominates the London Olympics and becomes the first British singles gold medalist in 104 years; Wang, who won the first Grand Slam title in his career, is writing his own glorious history and a perfect interpretation of the radar.

Summary: This watch for tennis is a must-have for many sports enthusiasts. The watch not only shows the essence of radar brand’s many years of watchmaking, but also incorporates many modern fashion elements. The combination of sports and fashion Meet the needs of many current trendsetters.
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