Perfect Model Of Quality And Fashion

Bentao Series S Chronograph
Time is everywhere, and Le Méridien relentlessly pursuing new heights this time will make the art of time advance with the times. Sports and fashion complement each other, revealing modern, avant-garde and pure unique style. For watch enthusiasts full of sports genes, Le Méridien’s Bento S series is the best choice for diving timing. On this watch, you can see an example of the perfect combination of form and function in modern craftsmanship. The stainless steel case has a diameter of 43 mm and a water-resistant depth of up to 200 meters. It is paired with the reliable Valjoux 7750 self-winding movement. The watch features an easy-to-operate crown and two jacquard buttons for easy access to the chronograph function. In addition to its purely elegant aesthetics, the chronograph bezel minimizes wear and tear. The hands are diamond-cut and coated with a large SLN layer. The minutes and seconds hands, hue and rotating scale ring and aluminum outer ring complement each other, highlighting excellent diving readability. The design of the Bentao series S chronograph is still Amy’s unique fashion style, and the simple operation shows the value of excellence and craftsmanship.
艾 For Le Méridien, always walking in the forefront of fashion and manufacturing high-quality watches loved by young consumers is the goal it has always pursued, and it is also the concept that the brand has remained unchanged since its establishment. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Le Méridien has always been innovating, and strives to give the majority of collectors the perfect Emmy style. The Bento series, famous for its sports department, reproduces the subtle combination of lines and machinery. The proudest ingenuity series brings together the essence of this time, and has launched three new models with extreme elegance, especially the second hand square rose gold watch, which is a perfect example. The strong return of the Miros series of watches has irresistibly charmed countless spotlights. And the timeless classic series still exudes enduring appeal among the assortment of clocks.
Fashion and quality, under the interpretation of Le Méridien, have been given a new manifestation, and finally let Le Méridien shine in many watch brands.

Ben Tao series eccentric time watch
From the beginning, Ben Bentao’s ‘Eccentricity’ series has steadfastly shaken off the shackles of the traditional concepts of traditional watchmaking, trying to present different styles. Compared with the same series of watches in 2007, the dial design of the new Bentao series eccentric time watch is not inferior, bold and avant-garde but simple and thin. The dial layout is focused off-center, with a unique architectural design given by the sunray decoration. The display of various functions is novel. The 43mm case is equipped with the ML 121 self-winding movement. The case is made of stainless steel, which is the essence of Le Méridien watchmaking.

Craftsmanship Second Hand Square Rose Gold Watch
Ingenuity series can be said to be the most traditional series of Le Méridien. With its extremely pure Amy bloodlines, it always adheres to the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship, reflects its vitality, and displays the elegant and noble style of the 21st century city. At this year’s Basel watch fair, collectors and connoisseurs were once again shocked by the new and exquisite square wheel series. The new Craftsmanship Second Hand Square Round Rose Gold Watch brings together the essence of this series, which is perfect. The rose gold case, the brown and black movement main splint, the bright color contrast, highlighting the edges and corners of the gear frame, dazzling. The geometric hollow square wheel mechanism is driven by a shamrock-shaped gear, which rotates steadily and regularly. Two unique gears fit seamlessly and fit perfectly. The hours, minutes and power reserve are directly displayed on the gold dial. The 46 mm diameter stainless steel case provides ample room for bold innovation. The unique mechanical process features are perfectly displayed here.

Ingenuity Series Calendar Dial Moon Phase Watch
Ingenuity series calendar dial moon phase watch with stainless steel case, combining modern fashion and traditional exquisite craftsmanship. This watch has two well-known Le Méridien complications, with a case diameter of 43 mm and a suitable size. Water-resistant to 50 meters, embellished with silk satin and polished, avoiding tedious decoration, highlighting superb craftsmanship. The moon phase display and change present unique creativity. The fully self-made ML 192 self-winding movement and the sapphire crystal back cover highlight the perfect pursuit of excellence.

Miros date watch
At the Basel watch exhibition, Le Méridien continued to launch new models, announcing the strong return of Le Méridien 2012, and the Miros series was the most powerful blow. Adhering to the consistent design features of the series, the Miros date watch reveals a persistent pursuit of the ultimate simplicity style-three hands, a date window, and nothing else. The size ratio is impeccable, the simple style is clear at the same time, and it is equipped with both women’s and men’s watches, presenting a model of elegant aesthetics. This men’s watch is equipped with a 40 mm diameter case, the ultimate minimalist model expresses its elegant sporty atmosphere through the dial decorated with the sunray pattern sanding. The 32 mm diameter case is made of stainless steel, rose gold-plated stainless steel or diamond-set stainless steel, and the dial has unique charm and vigor. The wearer of this watch will surely become the focus of personality and elegance.

Elegant traditional watch
Eternal design, first-class workmanship, showing the artistic position of Le Méridien, typical traditional series is the proof. There are four models in this collection, including men’s 38mm and smaller women’s 28mm. The exquisite 18K rose gold ultra-thin case covers the delicate hour, minute and second hands, highlighting the essence: time. The watch is equipped with ML155 / ML 132 (men’s and women’s) automatic movements, with a slim casing and accurate timing, which symbolizes reliability, and combines classic and modern design styles to complement each other. This series of watches has a sharp appearance in its calm appearance, which reflects the heritage of century-old traditional skills. The slim case and simple and beautiful dial highlight the restrained elegance of the watch, highlight the wearer’s taste, and perfectly reflect the harmony of Swiss quality and style.

Chiwetel Ejiofor Wears Jaeger-lecoultre To Attend British Film Academy Awards

According to Watch House, the famous Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre is keen to participate in various film, television and music awards. The recent British Film Academy Awards have also come to an end. The actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, who won the best actor with ‘Heart of Freedom’, wore Jaeger-LeCoultre ultra-thin Réserve de Marche watch while attending the award ceremony.

The British Film Academy Award was established in 1947. The original main recognition objects were British films and foreign films performed by British actors, which is equivalent to the US Academy Awards. Nominations and awards were changed to films for countries all over the world, making them more influential.

   The prize set is similar to the Oscar. In 1959 it merged with the Film Producers and Directors Guild and changed its name to the Society of Film and Television. In 1975 it was renamed the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Awards began in 1947, once a year, and the prizes were opened on February 25. The first edition has the best film, best British film, best documentary award. The 2nd edition added the best feature film award. The 3rd United Nations Award was added. The 6th edition added 5 awards for Best British Actress, Best British Actor, Best Foreign Actress, Best Foreign Actor and Most Promising Newcomer. New awards are produced almost every few years.

This awards ceremony was held in the evening on Sunday (16th) British time. This ceremony was hosted by Stephen Fry. In the fierce competition, the science fiction work ‘Gravity’, Heart of Freedom won the two most important awards.

The Heart of Freedom, directed by Steve McQueen, was shortlisted for 10 awards. Although only two awards were finally won in this BAFTA, they are the two most important: the best film and Civito Aguifer (Chiwetel Ejiofor) Best Actor.

 Civito, 36, was born in the United Kingdom. His parents were Nigerian immigrants. When Civito was 11 years old, he went to Nigeria with his family for vacation, and when he took a taxi with his father, a serious accident occurred. His father died, and he was in the hospital He lived for nearly three months, leaving indelible scars on his forehead; he rarely mentioned this ruthless accident, but once said that it could be so cruel to life that made me feel betrayed.

The unbearable cruelty in life is one of the themes of ‘Freedom’. Civitto Aijifo ​​plays a black man who is engaged in the violin accompaniment. One day, two strangers tricked him into a circus performance and woke up the next day. After being sold into a slave, this sale lasted for twelve years, and he only tolerated his breasts to appear on the day he waited for his freedom. He has scored many brutal points in the play. He said: If I didn’t feel any violence, I wouldn’t be able to convince myself to have the power to tell his story for the protagonist. Therefore, it was actually required to be beaten in the play. Although wearing protective pads, it was still thrilling. I hope to feel the pain experienced by the protagonist as much as possible. His superb acting fully explained the meaning of the film. It can be said that this award is well deserved.