The ‘mouth Gun’ Connor Of The Century War Is A Labor Fan

Recently, the most important event in the sports world is Floyd Mayweather and former UFC featherweight and lightweight double champion Connor McGregor. (Conor McGregor) cross-border ‘War of the Century’ conference, starting in Las Vegas, promoting activities in Toronto, New York, London and other cities, one after another on the same stage before the game ‘junk talk’ On spray. At the just-concluded New York station press conference, McGregor’s clothing show and Mayweather’s live cash-spending were more fun than the US presidential campaign.

 The ‘Battle of the Century’ on August 27 uses boxing rules. If you play 12 rounds, I will not be optimistic about McGregor. Some people say why they do n’t play UFC octagonal cages. If the comprehensive fighting rules are adopted, then it is really necessary for Mayweather to prepare a football field-sized octagonal cage.

 Mayweather needless to say, 21 years in the vertical and horizontal arena, won the five-time champion boxer gold belt, 49 wins and 0 losses record, even after retirement, is still the ‘net red’ on ins. And McGregor is the first two heavyweight champions in UFC history. After playing only 10 games in UFC, he has become the number one cash cow in UFC history. On the recently announced Forbes sports athletes highest salary list, his income last year was 3400 Ten thousand pounds, ranked 24th, has surpassed all boxing champions in active boxing.

At a press conference in Las Vegas, McGregor’s tailored suit by David August
 Many people see McGregor as a mixed-race fighting hero. Boxing has always been known as one of the most profitable sports in the world, but McGregor, a 29-year-old, has pushed the comprehensive fighting to a position no less than boxing with his various pre-match propaganda propaganda. . Prior to him, the UFC’s top players ‘appearance fees for a game were around hundreds of thousands of dollars, which was far from the top ten million boxers’ manual entry fees. After him, the audience’s attention to UFC in recent years has caused UFC players to significantly increase their appearance fees.
 If you are paying attention to sports star ins, you will find that, unlike those sports stars with rm or various custom post-drill watches, McGregor is a loyal fan of Rolex. In most cases, I always wear a Rolex watch on my wrist. Let’s take a look at his favorite Rolex series:
Day of the week type

 The Rolex Oyster Day Calendar watch is equipped with a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch that is waterproof, dustproof, and an eye-catching large blister calendar display. It is only cast in precious metals. It can be said that it is the ‘flagship’ watch of Rolex, which is very popular with celebrities.

 The latest weekly calendar 40 watch is equipped with Rolex’s most advanced 3255 movement, patented Chronergy escapement system, equipped with a modified blue Parachrom hairspring, and a new structure design of the barrel. 14 patented technologies, including its accuracy, power reserve, reliable performance, shock resistance, anti-magnetism, and ease of adjustment.

Cosmograph Daytona

 ‘The Land of Speed’ The legendary watch created by Daytona Beach, Rolex’s chronograph ‘Cosmograph’ for racing drivers. The Rolex Daytona in steel has always been in hot demand, especially after the new ceramic bezel steel model was launched last year, and now it is even hotter than the public price. A watch is hard to find. McGregor is wearing a new all-gold green dial last year.

Yacht-Master II

 The Rolex Yacht-Master II watch is specially designed for sailing to the sea. It has a unique professional timing function and is easy to operate. Although it is not practical in daily life, it has a certain degree of interest. Before the Yacht-Master II model, only the precious metal model was introduced. This year, a stainless steel model was introduced, which has greatly reduced the price and lowered the threshold.

 The most complex wristwatch on sale by Rolex, with a unique structure of the Salo calendar, is both practical and easy to operate. Similarly, it has only been equipped with a precious metal case for a long time since its release.

 In this year, two gold watch models, the combination of gold stainless steel and platinum stainless steel, cost 16.300 Swiss francs, while the latter only cost 13,700 Swiss francs.

 McGregor’s watch at the Toronto press conference yesterday. Can you guess which Rolex?