Gp Girard Perregaux 1966 Minute Repeater Eot Calendar Limited Watch

GP 1966 Minute Repeater, Almanac and Time Difference Set limited to 15 watches, priced at $ 287,000. The time, calendar and EOT (time difference setting) are set against a silver-plated polished dial. Around the dial are solid gold hour markers and black minute markers. The date is displayed between 1 and 2 o’clock and the small seconds at 9 o’clock. The month display window is positioned opposite the date. The time difference is displayed in radians.

   The minute repeater function allows you to hear the hour, quarter, and minute. Girard Perregaux 1966 Minute
Repeater, Annual Calendar & Equation of Time watch with 42mm pink gold case, anti-reflection arched sapphire glass, equipped with Girard Perregaux E09-0003 manual winding mechanical movement, will limit 15 pieces.

   Girard Perregaux E09-0003 Manually wound mechanical movement Frequency: 21,600 vib / h – 3
Hz Power reserve: at least 100 hours-4 days Functions: hour, minute, small second, minute repeater, annual calendar, time difference.

Unravel the mystery of the sound of the minute repeater watch
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What About Omega Watches? How To Maintain Omega Watches?

About Omega
  In 1848, the birth of the Swiss Confederation, Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds began work on watch assembly. In 1880, Louis Brand’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar relocated the plant to the Bienne region, which is abundant in human resources, rich in resources and convenient in transportation. Since then, mechanized production, unified specifications of parts, and the introduction of a new division of labor system for assembly work, to make precise and accurate, high quality and reasonable price models. After the world-famous Omega 19 movement was launched in 1894, it not only became a symbol of excellence, the company was therefore named ‘Omega’. Since then, Omega has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry for more than 150 years with its advanced watchmaking technology.
  The world-renowned Omega watch was born in Switzerland and has a long history of more than 150 years. Omega (W) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of Greek. It symbolizes the beginning and end of things, the first and last. It represents the extraordinary quality of ‘perfect, extreme, excellence, achievement’, and interprets Omega’s business philosophy of pursuing ‘excellent quality’ and the spirit of ‘respecting tradition and being brave in innovation’.
  Omega serves as the standard timekeeper for world-class events such as sailing, track and field, and swimming, and often sponsors European golf tournaments, winning the Olympic Games designated timers up to 31 times. Omega has four world-famous products: the fashionable and elegant constellation series, the hippocampus professional diving series specially designed for sports enthusiasts, the superb series and the noble and elegant disc flying series designated for space missions. It is worth mentioning that in space, the Speedmaster Professional series is not only the only watch worn on the moon, but also assisted in the rescue of the Astronaut 13 and won the Snoopy Award from the Space Agency. Award).
  In terms of technology and design, Omega not only has countless accurate records, but also has excellent design.
Pioneered many technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first center tourbillon watch.
  Celebrities around the world such as Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Schumacher and Martina Hingis have chosen to wear Omega. As leaders in their own industry, they always reflect the essence of Omega. Whether it’s their face, conversation or actions, they can reflect the elegant temperament, careful thinking and brilliant achievements behind each Omega watch.
What about Omega watches
  Evaluation one: Omega watches are counted in Switzerland as a class of watches, the world’s sales probably rank first. The quality of the watch doesn’t have to be said, it’s a bit expensive, don’t consider it if you don’t have the money.
  Evaluation 2: Omega’s current mechanical movement is a patented movement, self-produced, very good, and three years warranty, one year longer than other brands. The movement of the silicon hairspring can reach four years. It can be seen that the brand is very confident in itself!
  Evaluation three: big brands, high-end taste, suitable for people with temperament to wear, ages 20 to 50 are suitable, specific age should wear different series of styles.
  Evaluation 4: Of course, watches are good, quartz is also available, and machinery is also available. 007 Tom Cruise’s endorsement watches, class 1 second-class watches, suitable for office workers, or quite rich people to bring. The cheapest is more than 10,000. Although OMEGA watches are good, not all OMEGA watches have collectible value, and they are not diamond watches or ultra-limited quantities that will not add value at all. The lowest Omega mechanical model is 20,000, one of the top ten luxury watches, but too mature.
  Evaluation 5: Yes, it belongs to the second-class watch. Although it may not be as big as Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Piaget, this is only the case in China. In fact, Omega’s history is earlier than these top ten watches, and the workmanship is very of.
  Evaluation 6: The price of Omega watches in Hong Kong is much cheaper than that in the Mainland (because of the tax savings), but you must buy them at regular specialty stores. Because there are also the most fakes, the best imitations. In addition, the list prices of mainland watch stores Generally speaking, you can make a 20% to 15% discount. Buy a pair of Omega watch, the most common style is more than 20,000. As for the good, then there is no end, there are millions.
  Evaluation 7: The most famous advantage of Omega is the coaxial escapement technology of Omega watches. The escapement system is the soul and core component of every mechanical watch. The basic manufacturing theory behind it has been unchanged for more than 200 years. Omega is new, and in collaboration with watchmaker George Daniels, it has developed a new design for the coaxial escapement. The coaxial escapement device refers to an impact fork with 3 gems and impulse gems on a balance wheel and a cardless balance spring. The coaxial escapement can effectively reduce the friction between the gemstone parts, so that the watch remains accurate and accurate even after long-term operation.
How to maintain Omega watches
  Do not disassemble and assemble without permission: Because mechanical watches are made up of thousands of parts, they can also be regarded as fine-grained instruments. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone do not disassemble and assemble without permission. Once the liquid and ash are formed, unnecessary wear will be caused to the parts. You need to protect on time and on time to make your watch look more complete. In addition to preventing friction and collision with objects that exceed or have the same hardness when you wear it in your daily life, you must clean it regularly to maintain its superior decorativeness. Omega Watch Daily Maintenance Tips
Stay away from magnetic fields: Avoid placing your watch on top of a megaphone or refrigerator because they have a strong magnetic field.
  Keep away from chemical solvents: Avoid direct contact of the watch with solvents, cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics, etc., as they will attack the bracelet, case and gaskets.
  Ensure the temperature is suitable: The watch (only quartz watch) can not change accurately within the limit of 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C at normal temperature. If the temperature exceeds 50 ° C, it will cause battery leakage or shorten battery life. Please do not leave the watch at a low temperature of -10 ° C. The cool air will cause the watch to slow down or go fast. When the watch returns to normal temperature, the operation will return to normal;
  Swimming in the sea: always wash your watch with water after swimming
  Avoid impacts: Avoid high temperatures or other impacts.
  Check the crown: For screw-in crowns, carefully tighten the crown to prevent water from penetrating into the watch; for non-screw-down crowns, press the crown back to its normal position to prevent water from penetrating into the watch.
  Clean promptly: Use a toothbrush and soapy water to clean the metal bracelet and all waterproof cases, and dry them with a soft cloth.
  Keep the watch dry: It is best to put a boring agent in the place where the watch is loose
  Water resistance: The water resistance of a watch cannot be guaranteed forever, and it may be particularly affected by aging of the gasket or accidental impact on the crown. As stated in the repair instructions, we recommend that you send your watch to an Omega-approved service center once a year to check the waterproof performance. When the watch is exposed to water (with air), it should be sent to the service point for cleaning immediately to prevent the movement from rusting;
  Remove the maintenance sheet: If there is a maintenance sheet or a sticker on the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will seep into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust;
  Timing button: Do not operate the timing button in water to prevent water from entering the watch parts.
  Exception: Seahorse 300m and 600m waterproof watches can be operated underwater.
  Focus on power reserve (automatic): the movement will be automatically wound as the wearer’s wrist swings. Because the wrist of the wearer will directly affect the operation of the automatic winding mechanical system (oscillating weight), 10 to 12 hours of wearing will help generate sufficient power reserve to ensure the normal operation of the watch at night. Therefore, the watch should be worn for 10 to 12 hours per day (normal daily activities) and should be worn for several days. If the watch is not worn for a long time (not long enough or wrist movements) or is not worn regularly (not daily), the power reserve will be continuously consumed and the watch needs to be manually wound. The crown must be rotated manually 15 to 20 times to produce a sufficient power reserve to ensure the accuracy of the timepiece. This simple procedure is required even with every new mechanical watch, and it also applies to watches that are not regularly / daily run or worn. Please note that a common misconception is that just shaking an automatic watch produces enough kinetic energy to keep the watch accurate. However, this step is not enough to wind the mainspring and it is difficult to generate a power reserve, which eventually causes the watch to stop working or the time cannot be accurately displayed.
  Caring for your leather strap: Omega recommends you follow these steps:
  1. Avoid contact with water and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.
  2. Avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent discoloration.
  3. Remember that leather is permeable! Avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetics. It is not advisable to use leather cleaners to clean your strap.
  4. If something goes wrong with your leather strap, contact your nearest authorized Omega dealer.

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