Video Interpretation Of Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Double Mysterious Tourbillon Hollow Watch

The dual mysterious tourbillon movement was born in 2013 at the La Chaux-de-Fonds watch workshop, marking an important milestone in Cartier’s watchmaking history: the tourbillon is suspended in In the air, it seems that there is no connection with the movement.

Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER double mysterious tourbillon skeleton watch

   This tourbillon uses a revolutionary double floating design: the first tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds; the second tourbillon frame contains the entire ‘mysterious’ part, which rotates once every 5 minutes. This requires a very high level of craftsmanship, while maintaining overall coordination, while meeting the requirements of a slim watch case and complex craftsmanship:

   All parts are carefully decorated by hand, after chamfering, brushing and polishing of screw heads. The new work launched this year, combined with the Roman numeral hollow bridge, makes the watch more lightweight and delicate. Mysterious legendary magic is complemented by a transparent cut-out aesthetic. The rounded curves of the watch and the mysterious movement complement the sharp geometric lines of the skeleton bridge.

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Montblanc Timewalker Series Jewelry Watch Introduction

The case of the Montblanc TimeWalker watch series is made of advanced materials and excellent technology. The case is simple and neat, showing the aesthetics of contemporary architectural lines, and it also contains the spirit of the Bauhaus art genre and design. Montblanc TimeWalker’s self-winding diamond chronograph retains the essence of the series, supplemented by sparkling diamond decoration, which shines in simplicity. In the past, precious stones were only used to design gorgeous and exquisite jewelry watches, but nowadays, diamonds are also common in casual watch styles for daily wear. Montblanc TimeWalker automatic winding chronographs are elegant and dynamic, with a clear outline and gorgeous inlay Beautiful diamonds are the icing on the cake.

 Montblanc TimeWalker automatic winding 18K rose gold diamond chronograph with a diameter of 43 mm, but supplemented by flowing lines and fine cutout lugs, it feels smart and light. The rose gold bezel is set with 72 Top Wesselton diamonds (approximately 1.16 carats), echoing the brilliant diamond shine of the white dial; the dial’s timer, small seconds dial and calendar window are subtle and elegant, and even more prominent Crystal diamonds.

 This luxurious diamond chronograph shines brightly, and its self-winding chronograph movement has won the essence of watchmaking technology, because each of its movements has been sent to COSC (Swiss Official Precision Timepiece Testing Center) for a 15-day test To ensure that its travel time accuracy meets the center’s strict standards. Of course, the satisfaction of the watch owner not only comes from a paper C.O.S.C. certificate. It is even more comfortable to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of the movement, balance wheel and pendulum through the sapphire crystal glass back. The winding pendulum has excellent performance, and a slight movement is enough to drive it to wind up quickly and reserve 46 hours of kinetic energy. If the energy storage is exhausted, you can also use the crown to wind it manually. The case is cast in 18K rose gold, and the crown is set with a mother-of-pearl Montblanc star logo, which is naturally elegant.