Omega: I Still Have Such A Watch?

I think a lot of people have seen this pocket watch called ‘Omega 1882 Crystal Ball’. The place includes but is not limited to a city god temple, an antique market in a certain place, and a tourist spot in a certain place. When you pick up this pocket watch at the booth and play with it carefully, the seller begins to brag about its legendary history. This is a timeless antique Omega 1882 crystal ball pocket watch, produced in Switzerland in 1882, born in honor of Mark. Bronze case, double-sided spherical crystal, classic Roman numerals, track scale. Yellowish mottled appearance, but still attractive. Unlike the new watch, the beauty of the old watch is deeper and more charming. Each trace is unique through the time. Through the crystal watch, you can see the rhythm of the mechanical movement. Every time the balance wheel makes a sound, it sounds like an old man is singing, and the rest sounds around the beam. This limited edition of 2,550 pocket watches worldwide represents perfection and excellence, interpreting the superior quality and extraordinary historical significance of Omega. There is also a separate interface on Baidu Encyclopedia, an internationally well-known website, to tell its legendary story, and there are even 256,000 related entry searches. One generation of Gansu “Zhangye King” Han Qigong also hid a private item, which led the girl to stand beside the showcase for a full 20 minutes and stop to appreciate it! 360 ° no dead angle, Jinmei is absolutely amazing! So how much does such a historic, affectionate and compelling Omega antique pocket watch sell? Seller: Seeing that we are so destined, Shenghui is 250 yuan, don’t bargain, just give it to you as I sell half. I went home and checked it online. I checked it out, and someone just bought 2 million directly. Ask the experts and teachers to get market prices ranging from 1 million to 3 million. After knowing that the price is expensive, it is quite embarrassing inside, which is no different from the 5 million lottery tickets. But when you look closely, you will find a problem. It seems that many people have this legendary Omega 1882 crystal ball pocket watch in their hands. Isn’t it a global limited edition of 2,550? It feels that the global limit is 2,550, and China’s TMD has 25,500. Someone will tell you at this time. Omega 1882 pocket watch is extremely collectable. It is precisely because of the extraordinary value of this pocket watch that some unscrupulous merchants have made fake Omega 1882 pocket watches on the market in order to fool consumers. Then teach you how to identify from the four angles of dial, hands, logo, movement, let you play 1882 pocket watch. According to the method taught by the website, some people may find that their 1882 pocket watch fully meets the characteristics of the genuine product, while others cannot match. The comment area was crowded with anxious crowds, after all, millions of babies, and someone came to buy in minutes. In the comment area, everyone told each other about the origin of the 1882 pocket watch inside, and held a group to keep warm. In addition to the accidental scooping at the Chenghuang Temple, some were thanksgiving gifts received by the old man for treating friends well, some were passed down by the ancestors, and some were exchanged in the hands of Tibetans … A perfect interpretation of the truth, not the pocket watch, but the story behind it. All of this is so beautiful, but in fact, all Omega 1882 pocket watches are fake! Omega official never produced this pocket watch! So, where did this 1882 pocket watch come from? Omega officially did produce a similar spherical pocket watch called ‘Goliath’. Due to the large volume of the two-sided spherical watch, this pocket watch is not used for daily wear, but as a ‘Desk wacth’ table clock. According to Omega official records, this spherical pocket watch was produced in three generations in 1904, 1910 and 1917. Because the market is not popular, there is no mass production. Later, watch brands including DOXA and Eterna also produced similar small-sized products. In modern times, Hermes and Panerai have also made the same paragraph. But they are also very niche products. The aforementioned Omega 1882 pocket watch is actually a Chinese-made model, modified and assembled using the unified movement of a domestic watch. After the 1990s, a large number of state-owned watch brands went bankrupt, and a lot of second-hand old watches were squeezed in China, so some scammers came to the movement to repack the case to make pocket watches. Good or bad, as long as you can go. Its origin is in Yiwu, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Nanyang, Henan and other places. At first, these pocket watches were developed for the purpose of ‘travel souvenir market and fake antique market’. Naturally, these Omega 1882 pocket watches did not have any collection value and economic value, and their wholesale prices were only a few dozen yuan. The hundreds of pages of historical information on the Internet are actually compiled and uploaded by the scammers themselves. Too many fools, scammers are not enough. Hundreds of thousands of such Omega 1882 pocket watches were distributed throughout China, and after they became popular, they even went abroad and were deceived by people abroad. Follow-up scammers also released Omega 1876 and Omega 1775 pocket watches in China (in 1775, the Omega brand had not yet been born), and even the last storm also affected Rolex and launched the ‘Rolex Super Observatory Hollow’ pocket watch. Omega never thought of it. In a country where the atmosphere of antique clocks is not strong in China, there are so many people who care about Omega pocket watches. What made Omega even more unexpected was that there was actually such a 1882 pocket watch hanging up. —END —