Hyt Subvert The Imagination H3 Is Not Just Time-newshyt

HYT Following the launch of the H1 and H2 watches, which subvert the tradition of horology, the entire watch industry is looking forward to the next new work by HYT. The brand finally announced the highly anticipated H3 watch with a movie like a science fiction movie trailer on the eve of the 2015 Basel Watch Show. After watching this video, would you still use the term ‘horology’ to describe this H3 watch?

HYT H3 is equipped with HYT’s original manual winding mechanical movement, the case is made of PVD carbon gray titanium and platinum, limited to 25 pieces

Start from scratch
HYT has already made a name for itself with its bold and transcendence style, and the brand once again refuses to be bound by any restrictions to create an impossible watch. The prototype of H3 was inspired by the concept of depicting the passage of time with liquid. This new field was not only created by the young independent brand HYT, but also completely re-created different watch styles in this field. Following H1 and H2, HYT is back, once again shaking the entire watch industry. H3——The brand not only deconstructs the time, but also rebuilds the time around its basic principles: two bellows-like liquid storage tanks output fluorescent liquid through the tube guide for time display.
Against the horological tradition, the H3 has no midday display and no hands. H3 is an independently created watch with a case size of 62 X41 mm. This specially designed case for H3 perfectly matches the movement. HYT and its partners have succeeded in creating this extremely complex watch. One of the main challenges was to shape the case and sapphire crystal. The movement is another major challenge, because the H3 needs to include the power required for a reverse movement, and it also needs to power the rotating dial. H3’s structural design inspiration was based on the desire to depict time in a linear display, so two bellows-shaped reservoirs were set at each end, and the team responsible for the movement’s engineering design created the entire H3 entire concept. Movement.
Full linear time display
Above the watch is a bellows-like liquid storage tank device. First, the left storage tank drives the colored liquid forward to display the time; and the right storage tank makes up for the transparent liquid in the tube. This glass tube with a diameter of less than 1 millimeter is operated under vacuum. The inside is filled with two liquids: one is a yellow liquid (aqueous) to tell the time; the other is a transparent liquid (viscous). The uneven surface in the tube guide separates the two liquids. The middle part of H3 is the time display. It has no pointer, no satellite device, and does not use any other time reading method that has been used before. HYT pioneered a rotatable four-sided dial that cooperates with the liquid tube guide to display time. The dial on each side is also marked with a 6-hour scale, so it can be displayed for 24 hours.
To ensure the coordination of the hour-to-hour linear progression, the brand has developed a unique movement. The complication is the degree of accuracy and accuracy of the dial rotation to display the current time. The other three sides of the dial are invisible. When it reaches the end of every 6 hours, the movement will automatically adjust the reverse jump. At this time, the dial started to rotate, and the time display gradually jumped back to the starting point on the left. When the liquid starts to rebound, the movement uses the power to store the fluorescent liquid in the bellows-shaped liquid storage tank, and at the same time, it provides power for the operation of the hour dial. To ensure the cohesion of H3 technology and style, HYT has also developed a linear minute display. In the lower right position of the watch, there is a double articulated arm swiping horizontally on the scale to display the minutes. When it reaches the end, the reverse jumping device starts immediately and returns to the starting point instantly.
H3 sets the time with a button, located on the left side of the case. Each time you press it, the central time display bar turns a quarter circle. This clever design enables quick tuning in units of 6 hours when setting the time. Then, just twist the crown to set the exact hours and minutes during this time period.
Triple Time Mechanical Dance
Each part and part of H3 is very important and indispensable. It seems that different instruments in the orchestra follow their own rhythm, give the dial life, and inject new vitality into time. Like H2, which was launched earlier, it was arranged by HYT, and APRP (Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi) carefully planned and arranged the dance again. ‘We started with a blank piece of paper and used our liquid experience to create something completely new,’ explains Vincent Perriard, president of HYT. ‘How to place a bellows-like liquid storage tank is a huge challenge. It is a series of mechanical components (including the main shaft, sensors and thermal insulation regulators). .
Limited production
As explained from the beginning, the H3 became the most distinctive watch in the HYT collection. Its twin barrel provides 170 hours of power reserve (equivalent to about 7 days). PVD carbon grey coated titanium with platinum case, limited to 25 pieces. The first watch will be available in September 2015.

Shanghai Rolex Masters Federer Receives Another Rolex

From October 4th to 12th, the annual tennis feast ‘Shanghai Rolex Masters’ was held at Shanghai Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Center. The Swiss watchmaker Rolex, as the title sponsor and the designated timekeeper of the event, presented the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch to the current champion Roger Federer.

Rolex spokesperson Federer wins again

   At this year’s Shanghai Rolex Masters, Swiss tennis master Roger Federer, who has been recognized as ‘one of the greatest players in history’, also appeared on the field. After four consecutive days of fierce competition, he defeated the defending team in two straight sets in the semifinals. Champion Djokovic, defeated French star Simon in the final, successfully won the first Shanghai Rolex Masters championship in his career.

Federer wins his first Shanghai Rolex Masters trophy

   As a master tennis player, Federer has ranked first in the world for more than 300 weeks (breaking previous records), and won 17 Grand Slam titles and the 2012 London Olympics silver medal. As a Rolex spokesperson, Federer has been with Rolex since 2001. Cooperation, and his love of Rolex was very obvious before then. Rolex ‘green glass’ Milgauss watch and Daytona watch often appeared on his wrist. After this victory, Federer was presented with a stainless steel and black dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch.

   Rolex’s ‘Oyster Perpetual Diary Watch’, presented by the Shanghai Rolex Masters, features a classic Oyster case and a triangular bezel, equipped with a Rolex 3135 movement.

Rolex continues to support the Shanghai Rolex Masters in the next decade

   Rolex has always favored tennis and became the official timer of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in the late 1970s. Since then, Rolex and tennis cooperation has continued to flourish.

   The partnership between Rolex and the Shanghai Rolex Masters dates back to 2009. At that time, as the exclusive sponsor, the brand upgraded this collaboration to title sponsorship the following year. So far, the sixth edition has been successfully concluded, and the event organizers officially announced that Rolex will continue to be the title sponsor of the Shanghai Rolex Masters in the next ten years. Regarding this, Mr. Lu Huayong, the director of the event, said: ‘In the global sports, it is not only tennis. I think that when sponsors welcome a new round of ten-year cooperation, they represent the success of the event. Few brands are willing to give such long-term support It is invaluable to maintain this perseverance. ‘He also said that this young event was awarded the’ Best ATP1000 Event of the Year ‘for five consecutive times, and Rolex’s strong support was indispensable.

Omega Sea Horse Aqua Terra Watch Series

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch series combines dazzling design with innovative watchmaking technology in the 21st century. In 1999, the advent of the Omega coaxial escapement device opened a new era in the manufacturing process of modern watches. Today, the new seahorse Aqua Terra continues this major revolution in mechanical watchmaking.
   The entire collection has a very eye-catching design element, the ‘Teak Concept’ dial. The vertical texture distributed above the dial is reminiscent of the wooden deck on a luxury yacht. Like other Aqua Terra watches, this series is also closely related to the marine theme, with a breath of ocean. Whether on the deck of a yacht or on a vast expanse of land, wearing the Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra watch feels comfortable. It can be seen that the name of this watch series ‘Aqua Terra’ (meaning water and land) deserves its name.

Refreshing dial design and extraordinary choice of materials
   The distinctive design of the dial lies in the carefully carved vertical texture of the ‘Teak Concept’. The hands and hour markers in 18K gold are also completely new: they are frosted and coated with a new white luminous coating, giving them a clear blue light in the dark. The case and Omega’s patented ‘chain needle system’ bracelet offer a variety of metal materials to choose from for an extraordinary look.

Omega’s hairspring innovation
   The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Women’s Watch is one of the first models in the Omega watch series to be equipped with the ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring system. The many elements that make up this system are significant, and they represent the future of Omega watchmaking innovation. The name of the ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring is derived from the chemical symbol and atomic number of silicon. Silicon is a non-magnetic substance, so the operation of the ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring is not affected by magnetic substances. This physical property of silicon makes a watch with a ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring more accurate than a watch with a traditional balance with a hairspring. The small vibrations in daily life will cause the movement of the mechanical watch to deviate, but the ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring makes the impact of the vibration very small. The structure of the ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring has a strong degree of freedom, which allows it to adjust its own geometry, ensure the best isochronism, and make the pendulum swing intermittently. This isochronism effectively reduces the time deviation of the watch. The pendulum beam of the balance system and the back of the case are engraved with the ‘Si 14’ mark, demonstrating the outstanding content, luxury quality and precision performance of mechanical watches.

Omega coaxial escapement opens a new era in mechanical watchmaking
   In 1999, Omega launched the first wristwatch with a coaxial escapement, marking the birth of a new era of mechanical watchmaking. This is the first practical new escapement system in nearly 250 years.
   The coaxial escapement system used in the Omega movement works in conjunction with the cardless balance spring, which is very different from the traditional escapement with fast and slow clips. The moment of inertia is adjusted by two miniature gold adjustment screws embedded in a circular balance wheel, thereby adjusting the watch’s travel time rate. This design avoids the influence of interference caused by the hairspring and the speed clamp during the contact process, thereby ensuring the rate stability of the coaxial escapement in long-term use. As a result, friction is greatly reduced, with almost no need to add lubricant, which basically eliminates the need for maintenance of a movement with a coaxial escapement.
    Omega’s new hippocampus Aqua Terra is equipped with a super-performance observatory movement with a coaxial escapement system, which combines the many advantages of the coaxial escapement system and the balance without balance spring, and also makes It’s refreshing to the eye, with the top-of-the-line precision movement inside the watch. This distinguished collection of watches sets a new standard for Omega’s top watchmaking technology and takes Omega into a new era.

Seahorse Aqua Terra men’s watch series and medium models
   The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra men’s watch series has two models with diameters of 41.5 mm and 38.5 mm. It is equipped with the Omega revolutionary 8500/8501 movement with a coaxial escapement system, which represents the mechanical watchmaking process. At the same time, the 38.5mm model is favored by women.
   The 41.5mm case and bracelet are available in 18K red gold, stainless steel or 18K red gold with stainless steel. The 18K red gold model comes with a brown alligator strap.
   The 38.5mm model with coaxial escapement is available in 18K red gold, 18K yellow gold, stainless steel, 18K red gold with stainless steel or 18K yellow gold with stainless steel. 18K red gold and 18K yellow gold models also come with a brown alligator leather strap.
Women’s Aqua Terra
   The mechanical models in the Aquamarine women’s Aquamarine series are the first to use the Omega 8520/8521 movement equipped with a coaxial escapement. This high-performance movement is the first movement specially designed for small watches. The Aqua Terra women’s mechanical watch is also the first to be equipped with a ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring, which represents the top technology in the field of innovative watchmaking.
Aquamarine women’s jewelry watch-irresistible luxury beauty
   Aqua Terra women’s jewellery watches are irresistibly luxurious. The dial of this sparkling model is illuminated with eleven hour markers embellished by top Wesselton diamonds, weighing a total of 0.19 carats. The bezel is set with 44 diamonds, weighing 0.77 carats. The case has a diameter of 30 mm and is equipped with a metal bracelet. It is equipped with an Omega 8520/8521 movement with a coaxial escapement and is equipped with a ‘Si 14’ silicon balance spring. The precise and reliable performance and extraordinary design make the Omega Sea Horse Aqua Terra women’s jewelry watch naturally shine infinitely.
Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra Luxury Jewelry Watch Series The ultimate diamond setting technology, blooming unlimited light
   Where do we start? If we first depict hundreds of diamonds set on the Aqua Terra luxury jewellery watch in the hippocampus, then we ignore the revolutionary coaxial escapement of the Omega 8421 movement, the cardless balance spring and the ‘Si 14’ silicon Material gossamer. But if we first talk about Omega’s leading innovative watchmaking technology, it will slightly dilute the brilliant diamond light. 18-carat top Wesselton diamonds shine brilliantly!
Diamond-paved ‘Teak Concept’ dial
   The dial of the Omega Aquamar luxury jewellery watch series is vertically set with multiple diamonds, presenting a new ‘teak concept’. The body of the 18mm white gold case with a diameter of 30mm is set with the top Wesselton diamond on the 18K white gold bracelet.
Inheriting the beauty of luxury
   The three watches in this series all reflect Omega’s perfect inheritance of luxury watchmaking technology, and the details are slightly different:
First paragraph: top 18-carat top Wesselton diamonds!
The most dazzling design of this watch is the long cone and round top Wesselton diamonds. This extraordinary watch is set with a total of 1,434 top Wesselton diamonds, weighing a total of 17.56 carats.
Second: 14 carat diamond
The second watch in this series also displays elegance. The white gold case body is set with round diamonds. The bezel is set with 44 baguette diamonds, weighing 1.32 carats. The entire watch is set with a total of 1,560 diamonds and weighs more than 14 carats.
Paragraph 3: ‘only’ weighs 7 carats

The third watch is set with 726 diamonds and weighs more than 7 carats. It also perfectly blends modern watchmaking with the ultimate diamond shine, which is more understated and luxurious than the other two.
Innovative watchmaking technology, extraordinary design
   The legendary Omega Seahorse series was born in 1948 and has received countless glories around the world. Its iconic hippocampal emblem represents unparalleled accuracy and reliability.
    Earlier hippocampus watches were rigorously tested by astronauts and navigators in the toughest environments. Omega’s new Seahorse Aqua Terra watch series not only inherits the classic characteristics of earlier models, but also uses innovative technology and extraordinary appearance design, making this series fully glorious. Omega Seamaster watches guarantee you precise performance anytime, anywhere. An adventure is coming? The Aqua Terra series will be your perfect choice.

George Kern, Richemont’s Director Of Watches, Marketing And Digital Business, Resigned

Unexpected news, Richemont has announced that Georges Kern will immediately resign as Group Director of Clocks, Marketing and Digital Business.
   Richemont issued a brief announcement: ‘The Richemont Group unfortunately announces that Georges Kern will resign immediately. Previously, he was the director of the watch, marketing and digital business of the Richemont Group. After his resignation, Georges Kern will retire from the senior position He will no longer be elected to the Richemont Board of Directors at the forthcoming annual shareholders’ meeting of the Executive Committee and the Group Management Committee. ‘

   In response, Richemont Executive Chairman Johann Rupert commented: ‘Georges Kern has been offered the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. His career at IWC is very successful and I wish him all the best.’
   The Richemont Group also stated that the watch, marketing and digital business will continue to move forward and report directly to the Senior Executive Committee. Previously, Georges Kern was widely regarded by industry observers as a potential candidate for Richemont CEO.
   Last year Richemont announced a major reorganization, including the appointment of Georges Kern as director of watches, marketing and digital operations, removal of the CEO position and establishment of a committee management structure. Georges Kern has only been in his new position for four months. He has worked for Richemont for 17 years, most notably as CEO of IWC.
   Bloomberg quoted an analysis by European financial services company Kepler Cheuvreux analyst Jon Cox: ‘The management structure is relatively new and I think Georges Kern is very uncomfortable.’ According to Bloomberg, Georges Kern ‘… bought a stake in rival Breitling , And plans to help the brand restore its independence, the Swiss newspaper Le Temps quoted several unnamed sources. ‘In April this year, Breitling sold a controlling stake to CVC Capital Partners for $ 870 million.

Concas Collection Diving Longines L3.641.4.56.6 Watch

Longines was established in 1832, first engaged in watch business until 1867 before officially setting up factories. Swatch Group is currently positioned as a high-end brand with Radar and UNION. At present, the brand product system is clear, including almost all models with different shapes and functions. Longines’ Concas has also performed well in the field of diving watches. Today we come to appreciate this L3.641.4.56.6 watch.
 The Longines Concas L3.641.4.56.6 watch is an automatic mechanical watch made of stainless steel. Its case is silver and white, and it will look more pure and pure if it enters the water. Its dial and dial outer ring are black, forming a sharp contrast with the silver-white case. It has a strong visual impact and the embellishment of the hourglass logo on the dial’s center makes it exude a strong Features of Longines.

Most Longines watches win with their elegant temperament, and its functionality is not very strong. This Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is no exception. Its functions are very simple, with time display and date display. As a common feature of diving watches, the hands and scales of this watch are very thick, the color is silver-white, covered with a fluorescent coating, and it will have strong readability whether in normal or underwater. At 3 o’clock on the dial, is the date display window of the watch. The black Arabic numerals on white background clearly show the time of the day, providing convenience for life and increasing the practical value of the watch. This watch also has a rotatable bezel, which is very necessary for diving. When you dive, you can easily calculate the elapsed time by turning the bezel. Divers can use this to calculate the oxygen consumption. Quantity, greatly reducing the possibility of danger due to negligence. As a diving watch, the best portrayal of its performance must be its water-resistant depth. The Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, which can be used for almost all non-professional diving needs. In fact, this is a very good diving watch of this grade. Overall, the function of the Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is quite outstanding.
The movement of the Longines L3.641.4.56.6 watch is Cal.L633, which is a self-winding mechanical movement produced by Longines. This movement has a diameter of 25.6 mm and a thickness of 4.6 mm. It is based on the movement ETA 2824-2. The ETA 2824-2 movement can be said to have a long-standing reputation in the industry. It is known as the ‘ETA Sambo’ with other ETA2892 and ETA7750. Although the ETA 2824-2 is a movement used in low-grade watches among these Sambo, The gap with the former two is mainly reflected in the process, and the stability and reliability in performance are worthy of our peace of mind. Therefore, the performance of Cal.L633 based on its movement is completely reassured. It has the current optimal oscillation frequency of 28800 times per hour, which greatly reduces the impact of the outside world on the movement of the watch. It is inlaid With 25 gems, it not only makes the movement more beautiful, but also makes the watch run more smoothly, extending the watch’s life. Finally, it has a 38-hour power reserve function, which provides convenience for people who don’t like watches on the weekends, without worrying about the need for frequent adjustment of the watch.

Longines watches have always occupied a place in the industry with their elegant and outstanding appearance design, and Longines Concas as a diving watch has also inherited this style of Longines. It is not like other diving watches, it will give people A very heavy feeling, but showing people in a light gesture. The pure contrast produced by the strong contrast of black and white colors is just like the lotus in the poet’s pen that ‘sludges but does not stain, and the ripples are clear but not demon.’ This elegance seems to flow with the washing of the water. The functions of this watch are not complicated, they are very practical functions in life or diving, which makes this watch has a very powerful practical value. Its movement is even more reassuring. With the double guarantee of ETA 2824 and Longines Watch Factory, there is definitely no problem in quality and performance. At present, the market reference price of this sleepy watch is 9,600 yuan, which is relatively low. This also destined that Longines L3.641.4.56.6 has a very high cost performance, friends who like Longines-style diving watches, It’s a good choice.
 Watch details: longines / 10430 /

Lin Qingxia, Carina Lau And Other Charming Women Classic Interpretation Of Cartier’s High Jewelry Handed Down From The World

In April 2013, French palace-level brand Cartier successively held high-end jewelry exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Lin Qingxia, Hou Peizen, Lin Xinru, Chen Yanxi and other attractive women appeared in two places respectively. Jewelry sets off a unique and graceful style.

The legendary actress Lin Qingxia has experienced time and temperament, she is extraordinary, and she attended a Hong Kong event on the evening. She made a special appearance with a rare set of Cartier antique jewellery. The geometric lines of the atmosphere, the brilliant light of the diamond complement the black suit, flowing between the neck, wrist and fingers.

At the Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan, the smart and elegant Chen Yanxi is undoubtedly the focus of the spotlight: her finger shines a rare 24.04 carat diamond, while two agile Cartier cheetahs are on her neck. Chasing each other between the wrists, under the noble charm reveals a bit of beauty. Hou Peizen, who wore an elegant white dress, chose deep sapphire high-quality jewellery works, which attracted everyone. The gentle and sweet Lin Xinru is more delicate and charming against the backdrop of the brilliant Cartier Hymen diamond necklace, bracelet and diamond ring.

 Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier
 White gold 1,251 brilliant-cut diamonds
 4 oval-cut diamonds

At the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival that just ended recently, the famous movie star Carina Lau also wore Cartier’s high-quality jewellery works to make a gorgeous appearance: the latest creation of this year’s Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier high-end jewelry watch will be carved, Natural elements and smooth lines are ingeniously blended, like a blossoming flower blooming on the wrist, paired with earrings embellished with 2 gorgeous waterdrop-shaped cut yellow diamonds, showing its graceful personal style.

 Pei Hou attended the Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan with a high-clean white dress and Cartier Fine Jewelry Collection sapphire necklaces, sapphire earrings and sapphire rings.

 Lin Xinru wears Cartier High Jewellery Series Hymen Diamond Necklace, Hymen Diamond Bracelet and Diamond Ring to attend Cartier High Jewellery Show in Taiwan

In May of this year, Cartier High Jewellery Show will move to Beijing and Shanghai to showcase the unique spirit of jewellery.

Blancpain Blancpain-lamborghini Join Hands Again In Asia Challenge 2013

Founded in 1735, Blancpain Blancpain and the famous super sports car brand Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo has been cooperating since 2009 for five years, and last year Held for the first time in Asia. Blancpain and Lamborghini held five Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenges in China, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan this year, bringing the last stop of this year’s event to the Grand Prix of Macau, celebrating the 60th anniversary from November 8 to 10. Rule the car and stage a brilliant race that combines speed, precision and enthusiasm at the prestigious Towang Circuit. Blancpain is the solemn event. On the day of the November 10th final, guests from all parties were invited to Australia to watch the exciting and exciting events and experience the superb watchmaking skills of Blancpain watches.

Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge 2013 final race staged at the Macau Grand Prix Orient

 On the day, Blancpain hosted a luncheon in the Mandarin Plaza of the Lisboa Hotel in Macau, one of the most thrilling corners of the Orient Circuit, and invited media friends and VIPs to enjoy the event. The event was first kicked off by a speech by Mr. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, and Mr. Cristiano Inverni, co-organizer of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge, and Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president marketing director, introduced the Super Trofeo event and the treasure respectively. Pere presented a collection of top-quality Swiss craftsmanship at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2013. After a rich luncheon, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge officially began at 2:10 pm. Many Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo sports cars were on the track, and the roar of the racing engine taught everyone to be nervous. After intense competition, the top three drivers in Macau at the PRO level were Max Wiser, Hanss Lin and Toshiyuki Ochiai, while the AM level was won by Michael Choi, Keith Chan and Andrea Garbagnati.

Mr. Yannic Barraud (first from right), executive project manager of Blancpain CEO Mr. Marc A. Hayek, with Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge 2013 Macau winners, Lamborghini management and Pirelli management

 The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asian Challenge Awards Ceremony was held in the evening on the same day at the Robuchon au Dôme at the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau. It was held by Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s Global Vice President of Marketing and Mr. Blancpain’s Global Vice President of Sales. Marc Junod presents Blancpain Super Trofeo Flyback Chronograph (Special Edition) to the Asian Championship champions Jiang Xin, Max Wiser (PRO-AM), Zheng Ting, Steven Lin (AM), as Lamborghini Blancpain Super The Trofeo Asia Challenge 2013 is a complete success.
 Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Director of Marketing, Blancpain Global Vice President, said, ‘Blancpain is proud to partner with Lamborghini for the fifth time to host the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and bring the last stop of this year’s Asian Challenge to Macau with a strong racing history. The products produced by Blancpain and Lamborghini are different, but both can represent the ultimate performance and unique aesthetics of their respective fields. I believe that the future cooperation between Blancpain and Lamborghini will surely spark more. ‘

Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Director of Marketing, Blancpain Global Vice President, introduces Blancpain’s outstanding watchmaking skills to guests

 Blancpain launched the L-evolution R watch series at the Basel World Watch & Jewellery Fair this year, combining the essence of Swiss fine watchmaking and motorsport. Among them, the L-evolution R large calendar watch is made of carbon fiber with a dark black dial background. Perfectly matched with the large calendar display at 6 o’clock, making various information clear and easy to read and easy to grasp. In addition to the carbon fiber dial and large calendar, the L-evolution R flyback large-calendar chronograph is also equipped with a ceramized titanium case and chronograph function, providing precise timing for challenging motorsports. There are also limited editions of 88 pieces. A special edition with carbon fiber bezel, eye-catching orange outer bezel and stitching on the watch’s chronograph dial and Alcantara leather strap are even more striking.

History Of The Imprint Of Geneva-part 1: Few Respondents (1886-1918)

The Geneva Seal is a prestigious mark that guarantees the quality and pedigree of clocks and watches produced in the Canton of Geneva, and has made an important contribution to the brand’s reputation rooted in the beautiful lakeside cities of Switzerland.

A mark of quality or pedigree?

   Back in the early 1880s, the watchmaking industry in Geneva was undergoing major changes. In addition to independent watchmaking workshops struggling to survive, large industrial companies have also emerged, and there are many businessmen operating various types of watches. In addition, competition in Bern and Neuchâtel has become increasingly fierce, with Longines, OMEGA and Zenith gaining significant growth.

Georges Favon, founder of the Mark of Geneva

   In this context, the watchmaking industry in Geneva is surging. On the one hand, some locals seek to protect factory employment in the state, represented by radical politician GeorgesFavon. In October 1885, he stated to the Council of State that ‘the existence of the certification mark is not to guarantee the quality of watches and clocks, but to ensure that watches and clocks are produced in Geneva by artisans in Geneva.’ On the other hand, others wanted to ensure that local products met high quality standards. This is represented by Charles Chalumeau, who is also a radical politician and a partner of silversmith Dolive. During the debate, Charles Chalumeau was supported by the Geneva Watch Manufacturers Association and he asked for the introduction of certification to ‘determine that a watch has all the attributes of a timepiece made using Geneva’s traditional craftsmanship.’

Geneva mark

Birth of the Geneva Seal

   During the meeting on November 6, 1886, a decree on the voluntary control of timepieces was passed as a compromise. Watchmakers may voluntarily submit their watches to the “Official Service for Voluntary Inspection of Geneva Watches” established in the Watchmaking School, which will test the quality of the watches and check the specific technical standards (set by the Management Board of the Service) Make sure the clock is indeed made in Geneva. Clocks that successfully pass the test are awarded the Official Canton of Geneva. The voluntary nature of the inspection also gives the state’s watchmakers and distributors the freedom to conduct production and sales activities.

Geneva Seal Certification

   The 13-member management committee appointed by the Council of State in 1887 includes not only politicians of various tendencies, but also representatives in the field of watchmaking, such as Edouard Sordet, director of the watchmaking school. The definition of ‘watch from Geneva’ that the State Council failed to resolve successfully sparked heated debate during the first meeting of the management committee. Workers’ Party representatives continue to reiterate employment issues, however, the overwhelming majority consider that quality standards are the most important: ”Geneva Clocks’ are not only clocks made in the state, but above all timepieces that meet considerable quality standards, It’s a high-quality product. ‘

Geneva mark

   An order of the Service Management Board stipulated that ‘a movement constructed according to the best practices of the watchmaking industry, and a movement constructed in the direction specified by the Commission to the inspector, will be awarded an imprint,’ and ‘at least by living in Geneva The work done by state artisans involves the following watch parts and watchmaking processes: escapement, boring, gem setting, assembly and adjustment. ‘Similarly, the Commission passed an implementation regulation that specifies the techniques for various production operations Claim.

   However, this restrictive definition of “Geneva clocks” inevitably caused a certain amount of implementation problems, mainly because some manufacturers’ clocks were indeed made in the region, but were rejected for certification because they were too simple. The most appropriate example is Voland & Cie, a watchmaker founded in Geneva. In 1910, Voland & Cie protested to the Commission that the clock’s request for certification was rejected. A member of the committee, after inspecting the relevant timepieces, stated that ‘they agree, the quality of the timepieces is too ordinary and should not be inspected at all.’

Less useful institutions

   An analysis report provides us with a measure of the importance of the service. This report counts the number of movements that were voluntarily submitted for inspection from the service’s opening in 1887 to 1918. It perfectly highlights the service in the local watchmaking industry. Optional role. The average number of watch movements submitted each year is only 475, which is extremely low in terms of the overall production of Geneva, which is almost negligible. In other words, the Geneva mark did not meet the needs of watchmakers.

Number and proportion of watch movements submitted to the Service from 1887 to 1918

   More importantly, not many companies are willing to use the agency’s services. In 1900, although there were 30 in total, the members were mainly individuals rather than workshops. Of these, 21 submitted less than 10 watches, and only two submitted more than 25 watches: watchmaker Louis Bachmann (31) and watch company Haas & Neveux (198). This indicates that only a few individuals or artisans use the agency’s services. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
History of the Mark of Geneva-Part 2: Patek Philippe Becomes Savior (1918-1990)
History of the Imprint of Geneva-Part III: The Road to Revival (1990 and beyond)

Marriage With Racing Tasting Roger Dubuis Excalibur Aventador S Watch

In 2017, Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Sports Department launched a cooperative alliance. Two cooperative watches were launched. In my opinion, this Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini sports watch cooperation watch is a wonderful wrist from the shape, the design of the movement to the details. table.

   The first two watches were in fluorescent yellow and orange colors. Although the price is not cheap, orange has been reserved before it is officially launched. This year, Roger Dubuis once again launched three cooperative watches, with new colors and materials, and once again demonstrated the highly complex watchmaking techniques inspired by the automotive world with stunning models.

    This Excalibur Aventador S watch is one of the fluorescent green color models (model: RDDBEX0653). The 45mm case is made of C-SMC (sheet mold) carbon fiber made by the same technology as Lamborghini cars. The carbon fiber material used is more lightweight and durable, and the unique texture on the carbon fiber material has a marble effect, which is very beautiful.

    The large green crown has a black top, and the handle feels great.

    The strap is made of two materials, with a black rubber frame on the periphery and a black Alcantara® inlaid on the frame, which is decorated with fluorescent green stitching.

    The fluorescent green paint is very bright and the black carbon fiber case has a strong contrast, which makes it unforgettable.

    Roger Dubuis’ engineers and designers created a kinetic energy storage display in the center of the watch, just like a transparent ‘hood’, which became the core symbol of the watch. Its new Duotor movement reinterprets Roger Dubuis’ iconic ‘interstellar cutout’ concept.

    In order to improve the performance of the car, Lamborghini has set the engine in a vertical setting, and with the streamlined and streamlined shape of the super sports car, the configuration of the two balance wheels of this watch follows this design. The group is supported and highlighted by a triangular suspension-like architecture.

   The RD103SQ movement operates at a frequency of 2×4 Hz, which more effectively offsets the effect of gravity on the time of the watch, thereby improving the accuracy of the timepiece. It is also equipped with a jumping seconds hand function, which highlights the outstanding accuracy of this movement. The watch offers a 40-hour power reserve and a power indicator slot on the front of the watch.

Summary: I personally really like this watch that Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini Sports Department cooperated with. It is not just a logo on the watch, but the use of real super-run materials, movement The styling is also designed based on the prototype super-running, but this watch is in essence not separated from the DNA of Roger Dubuis itself, which is very exciting. This watch is limited to 28 pieces and uses the now very popular ‘forgiveness’ fluorescent green for 1,475,000 RMB.

Automatic Winding Is Still A Record-breaking Thin

Finissimo can really be said to be the savior of Bulgari. Almost after 2010, BVLGARI Bulgari experienced a period of loss. At that time, the environment of the watch industry was about to recover from the recession of the financial tsunami. Bvlgari itself had just consolidated DANIEL ROTH and GERALD GENTA All the products are included under the brand, so the brand’s watch design has entered the exploration stage in the next few years. At this stage, they want to establish Bulgari’s subjectivity on the one hand, and on the other hand, they want to create a new Icon from the essence of DR & GG beyond the classics of the brand. Therefore, in the past few years, we have also seen the first generation. Bvlgari. Bvlgari re-enacted again and again, but on the other hand, there is also a new generation of Octo fighting to carry the brand’s basic seat; in fact, a lot of good works have been produced among these products, but flatly speaking, this batch changes frequently, Individual models that are not strong enough are not enough to establish a new image for Bulgari, until Finissimo was born in 2014.

Cal. BVL 288

Automatic winding / hour and minute display / flying tourbillon device / diameter 38.4mm / thickness 1.95mm / 24 stone / vibration frequency 21,600vph / no card spring, weight balance, ring-shaped automatic disk, no Godson winding / Needle setting mechanism
To put it bluntly, the theme of Finissimo is a thin, super-common, thin. Its external shape comes from the deformation of Octo. The technical point of the watch is almost entirely concentrated inside the movement, but it is such a single pure appeal to make it a hit. It can hit the emotions of the media and the masses, and it has occupied all the topics before launch. In addition to concentration, the key to Finissimo’s success is to continue. In the next few years, Finissimo will continue to expand its ultra-thin layout, with automatic winding after the hand chain, and a minute repeater after the tourbillon. The strength and theme of the product Finissimo quickly established its brand and became an indispensable presence for Bulgari today. The rise of such a ‘classic’ is indeed exceptionally smooth and fast.
The BVL 288, launched in 2018, is the latest member of the family. It is the automatic winding version of the Finissimo tourbillon in 2014. Although the automatic winding mechanism is added, the thickness of 1.95mm has not increased at all. Once launched, it was Bvlgari again. Picked up several titles in the world. Miniature automatic disks and ring-shaped automatic disks are two solutions to reduce the thickness of today’s automatic movements. Finissimo used the miniature automatic disks in the 2017 automatic three-pin version. By this time, the layout of the tourbillon movement is more compact. , Even the space of the plugged micro-automatic plate can not be squeezed out, so the watch factory chose a ring-shaped automatic plate as this winding mechanism.

The ball bearing fixed to the ring-shaped automatic disk itself does not have a shock-absorbing mechanism. In contrast, it uses the gap between the bearing parts to achieve the shock-absorbing effect.

The solution of using a circular automatic disk to solve the problem of thickness itself seems a bit taken for granted. It doesn’t seem to be an exciting technical selling point, but in addition to this circular automatic disk, it also introduces many interesting special structures. To complete the spatial configuration of the movement, these places are more worthy of study than the ring-shaped automatic disk. In short, the technical strength demonstrated by Bulgari here is still quite promising.
Circular structure of standard structure
BVL 288 uses a ring-shaped automatic disk as its winding mechanism, so the thickness of the movement has not increased at all compared to the bracelet version, and the relative diameter has increased from 32 huge to 38.4mm, which is all about changing horizontal space. Vertical space. The automatic disc is fixed at three points by ball bearings from the inside. Here, the same structure as the current ring-shaped automatic disc movement is used. However, the bearing itself is not designed with a shock-absorbing mechanism. In contrast, it uses the gap between the bearing parts to avoid shocks. The effect of the earthquake is a compromise. In addition, the ball inside the bearing is made of ceramic instead of ordinary steel, which will theoretically be more durable.
Crown without Godson
The automatic disk has a part to solve the winding mechanism again. The BVL 288 uses a switching wheel-type two-way automatic winding. Due to the compact layout of the ultra-thin movement, it is not easy to free up space for installing the switching wheel. The designer finally arranged the entire mechanism on the crown of the dial side of the movement. Near the bottom, the problem is that this position is also the position of the general crown Godson. The path of the two installations will just stagger each other. Therefore, they simply canceled the Godson, and changed the crown to a chain through a series of gears. And the needle setting system, because the wheel train can turn, unlike the Godson needs a straight path, it can bypass the switch wheel.

The crown does not have a dragon core inside, instead it is a crown gear, and a series of gear trains are directly connected to the rear end, thereby continuing the winding and needle system.

Crown function selected by push button
It is not easy to adjust the design of the hour and minute hands by pulling out the crown in the future without the Godson. Therefore, the movement also has a button at 4 o’clock to switch the winding and adjustment functions of the crown by pressing the handle. The switching action of the push button is through the column wheel mechanism. Since the current model equipped with BVL 288 is made open, you can directly see the operation of the column wheel during operation. It is also a kind of fun, but It would be more practical to be able to show whether the crown is currently wound or adjusted. Due to the large number of ball bearings used on the bracelet version, the number of stones is extremely small. The automatic version has added so many mechanisms and the stone number has doubled.
Homemade automatic winding switch wheel
Many of the switching wheels currently used in the industry are provided by third-party movement factories-even if the movement claims to be self-made; Bvlgari’s homemade basic movement BVL 191 also uses external switching wheels, but in fact they are in the prototype stage The use of self-manufactured switching wheels shows that the watch factory actually has the relevant production capacity. It may be because of cost or output that it was selected to be sent out in the product version. BVL 288 has a high price and a small amount, so it uses the switching wheels made by the factory directly. The basic design here is similar to that of ETA, but the parts are processed more accurately, and the internal gears and claws are also better oil-preserving. Epilam handles.

The case parts should be a complete piece from the bottom to the side, which also shows the processing strength of Bulgari’s own case factory

Sum of various watchmaking strengths
At present, the Octo Finissimo automatic tourbillon is only available in a titanium case with a chain strap, but despite not using precious metals, it still costs nearly four million. Although the diameter of the movement is much larger than the bracelet version, the diameter of the watch after the model is 40mm as the bracelet. It may be because the transparent bottom cover will increase the thickness, so this case back only opens a small window at the position of the tourbillon. . The parts of the case should be a complete piece from the bottom to the side, which also shows the processing strength of Bulgari’s own case factory.

Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic

Titanium material / BVL 288 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / flying tourbillon device / sapphire crystal surface, partially transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 40mm / limited 50 pieces / reference price: about 838,000 RMB- —